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Illumi-Not-Anymore-i - A Message From Archangel Ariel/Ariel DeAngelis

Illumi-Not-Anymore-i  – A Message from Archangel Ariel/Ariel DeAngelis
Received on July 27, 2012
Brothers and Sisters, I happily greet you this day on behalf of the Galactic High Council, the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command.
This Game is over. The “cabal” is finished. [We wish to state here that we do not like the word “cabal” but use it in this message as descriptor on account of it having gained recognition as a term used to label “those who would have liked to have controlled you”. Nor do We like the other word – Illuminati – which is also used by many to label these Souls, although contrary to our reason for not liking its use in this context, it is perhaps more accurate than the other in terms of describing how they have helped to illuminate a necessary path for those who have awakened…] And so we return the “cabal” to The Light.  All remaining minions of the “cabal” who endeavor to continue the game, will either gradually awaken themselves, or fade into the background radiation of The Universe to be reborn again to a different experience; all but a faint memory in the minds of those Awakened Ones who continue on their Ascending Pathways toward their next Level of Experience.
As the cabal is finished it should also be fairly apparent from the latest round of “storms” such as the one which was attempted on this past Thursday, the 26th of July 2012 in the U.S.A., that things like artificially induced storms, earthquakes, and other “seemingly” natural phenomena will no longer be allowed as a means of distracting the awakening masses from their paths, even though a few remain who still wish to “play the game”. We know that due note has been taken by many witnesses how quickly the latest “storm” fizzled, and would like to point out that this was accomplished fairly easily by a single, yet very powerful individual within the ranks of our Earth Allied indigenous Ground Crew. Many more are awakening to the reality of their own powerful nature. And so, you see, any further attempt to prevent Earth from continuing on toward Her own Ascension, unfettered and undaunted will be quite futile.  
A “New Game” begins.
Because Earth Mother says so.
Some wonder how can a faction of the “dark” be sent directly back to The Light? What about “karmic debt”? Are they not to “pay” for what they’ve done?
We remind you that, just as is the perceived duality between light and dark, “karmic debt” is but a part of the illusion you have left behind. It is no more “real” that the concept of “death” of the physical vessel, for as you now know, even THAT is an illusion. In days gone by, when death of the physical vessel was deemed a necessity in order to reach a higher state of being, upon leaving the physical vessel behind (death), the Soul instantly discovers that, in fact, there never has been any such thing as “karmic debt”.  In the Great Grand Scheme of Things, in the “Big Picture”, reality is whatever you want it to be. All Souls having fulfilled their destiny as “experiencers” of their own reality, if it is their choice to do so, are welcomed “Home” with open arms back to The Source of All That Is (also known as “Source”) from which they came.
We remind you that All are One and One is All and each Soul is a part of the Great Unified Consciousness of Source. Each Soul is continuously and Infinitely connected to Source, complete with all the innate attributes of Source. Each Soul is equal to Source in EVERY way because they ARE Source, and as such incapable of the concept of “karmic debt”, for in order to incur karmic debt some form of judgment is inferred and conditions are requisite to be placed within that Absolute Unconditional Love. Do you see the conundrum? This cannot be. And so, by way of decree of the One Truth, The Law of One, which is Absolute Unconditional Love, there can be no judgment, no “karmic debt”.
We reiterate that Source does not judge. If it were within the Great Plan that Source were to judge any, then Source would also be required to judge itself. All are made of the very stuff that Source Itself is made of, Absolute Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love cannot be unconditional, with conditions placed upon it (that is to say some form of judgment) and karmic debt cannot exist within the mandate of the Law of One, which we know is Absolute Unconditional Love (the Light from which All is made manifest). This might be looked upon as the greatest paradox that exists, that in a Creation where anything is possible, this is the One constant; the One thing that never changes. And yet it is so.
After further examining the Truth that exists beyond the veil, we also find that we really ARE All headed toward the same destiny, the same goal; reunification with the Source of All That Is. It doesn’t really matter how or when or how fast we get there – we DO HAVE All of Eternity after all. And upon discovering this, we find that it doesn’t bother us at all that some who fulfilled what we may have felt was a “less than savory existence” than the one we ourselves had chosen while we inhabited a certain experience went back to the Light sooner than we did. In fact, we may view our somewhat delayed process as an advantage, realizing the opportunity for expansion of experience for Source in our current Soul format. The Souls that are retracted earlier are reabsorbed and churned out as entirely new Souls, with no recollection of ever having been before – which for some could ALSO be viewed an advantage.
Please do not look upon this retraction and “recycling” of Souls as judgment. These Souls made the choice to have this experience at this time and knew upon entering this lifetime that theirs would be to experience reabsorption to Source when this journey had come to its conclusion. Do not mourn for them and do not wish upon them anything other than what they are being granted, for as you examine your own history, you will also recall “times” when YOU opted to experience a less than savory role in your experience – it may have been YOU who opted for reabsorption this time around. Reabsorption, as is true of ALL free will choices that are made, can be opted for at any time, just as reincarnation and Ascension might be.
In the words of Beloved Archangel Michael; “It’s All Good!!” <smile> The reality of our existence as Source made manifest/God Incarnate is a wondrous and Blessed and Sacred One filled with the Eternal Love that is All things!!
Some are wondering, “If this is so then why end this game now? Why not keep this game going?” In some respects, regarding the experience of those who fade into the background radiation of the Universe, the continuance of this game WILL be their reality. For those who have Awakened, and those who are destined to awaken to the True Nature of who they are and where they came from, this is part of The Plan at this “time”. It is time for this game to end so that a New Game may begin.
Because Earth Mother says so.
This is the “time” of the return of the Divine Feminine, the destiny of which is not only to remember our nurturing selves, but also to remember how to receive Love and experience Joy, that Joy being the gift we give back to the Universe, the One that made us, the Source of All That Is. We are fulfilling our Divine Role as Divine Feminine Counterpart to the Universe/Source Itself, who in turn is fulfilling Its Divine Role as Divine Masculine Counterpart to us as giver of Love and bringer of Joy.
Our gift to the Universe IS receiving the Universe’s gifts! ALL of them!! Even the ones being offered by those who some view as not being a part of our current experience – Our Extended Family of Souls “from the Stars” – Our Galactic Brothers and Sisters.
Some are STILL saying emphatically “WE are the ones we have been waiting for!” but WE would like to remind YOU that WE ARE YOU and YOU ARE US! In the Great and Infinite Expanse of All That Is, WE are ALL ONE!! And so, does it not make sense to you, that if, as you say “WE are the ones we have been waiting for!” that WE too, your Extended Family, are ALSO the ones you have been waiting for? This IS the time of the Return of the Divine Feminine! WE, your Extended Family from the Stars are as representative of the role of the Universe/Source as your Divine Masculine Counterpart as YOU are representative of the role of Divine Feminine Counterpart to the Universe/Source. Our destiny is to give Love to you so that you might experience Joy, no strings attached.  Your gift in return is nothing more than the Joy you experience from the Love you receive, which is magnified into more Love which we continue to give to you, which you also give to each other; Love and Joy forever expanding to fill your hearts Eternally. You have existed far too long within the grips of a Patriarchy which has you standing there with your fists clenched so tight against “charitable contributions” to your welfare (is that false pride?) that you cannot receive the Beautiful Gift which is rightfully yours. Won’t you take a chance and open your hands just enough to feel what it is that the Universe is offering, what has always been yours?
Earth Mother is tired; the New Game will allow her to rest. Earth Mother needs to receive Love and experience Joy; the New Game will allow her to do this to the fullest extent possible. Humankind is also tired; the New Game will allow you to rest. Humankind also needs to receive Love and experience Joy; the New Game will allow you to do this to the fullest extent possible. Earth Herself is also tired and needs to receive Love and experience Joy; the New Game will also allow Her to do these things.
It’s All Good! So let it be so!! <smile>
I AM Archangel Ariel incarnate as Ariel DeAngelis. I AM your Earth Mother and I look forward to joining you in the New Game. Until we meet again, On behalf of the Galactic High Council, the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command, I send you Bright Blessings of Love and Joy and Peace and Happiness. Thank you! <big smile>


  1. Well, I totally know what you are would say let the Olympic Games begin but It all ready has (wink smile)....HeSheeee....It's All Good!!!

  2. wow what a beautiful message! Thank you ALL! I love the part about us receiving a great gift, I do run into a lot of people who are very stoic and feel we must fix everything ourselves, since 'we' broke it. sad.

  3. Light Workers standing by and looking in great shape world wide- all systems go - Ground Crew are ready for stage 1. Blessings love and Light Brett

  4. This is Absolulty Brilliant, WOW, Thank You for sharing these Brilliant Truths With Humanity~ THANK YOU GREAT ONE AND BIG HUGS~ Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies from The Galactic Free Press

  5. I've got your back Ariel! You've had mine for some time. Thanks for healing my horse Bud's Cataracts! I LOVE YOU and all my angels!


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