Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pyramids of Light – A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran and the Ascended Masters



Pyramids of Light – A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran and the Ascended Masters
(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on July 31, 2012)
Dear Family of Light, WE greet you this day in Joy and Ecstatic Divine Bliss to bring you this message of Love and Light. We’re making it rather short and sweet on purpose as we prepare for Celebration and many plans are still to be made for the “party” to follow… <grin>
Have you given consideration lately to the symbol of the Pyramid? You know it as a part of sacred Geometry that has been utilized through “the ages” not only by your ancestors as monuments to the “gods” and in memoriam to their fallen/deceased leaders, but also in more recent [ remembered] times, Pyramids all over Earth utilized as Energy Conduits, transmitting and receiving Energies between Earth and the Central Axis of your Galactic plane.  Also duly noted in more recent “times”, as your time of Ascension nears, are memories of the importance of the Crystalline Pyramids you hold within your Higher Selves and which are integral with the Crystalline Pyramids in the Higher Dimensions utilized as Energy conduits to transmit and receive information in the form of Love and Light Energy directly between YOU and the Source of All That Is.
The Pyramid; simple in its structure, yet powerful in its delivery, not unlike Source Itself. Give it too much “thought” and it becomes like so much in your current experience; overcomplicated and too difficult to understand… Give it too little consideration and it becomes lost to the “sands of time” … very much like Love Itself?
Many of you have worked so diligently to reach this point at which you now stand; the point of no return on the road to Ascension – the juncture point between what once was and what you perceive as “what will be”, where  EVERTYHING changes. Finally at last, you embrace that long cherished dream of Joy and Happiness which you have held in your hearts for so very long. As so often has been pointed out recently, we invite you to dispense with the concept of “what will be” and embrace it as what “already is” to bring it fully into your heart center and your current experience.
So many of you have striven as Lightworkers and Wayshowers holding and shining your light in the darkness for those who were awakening to the reality of their own path, the only path they could take, yet without the assistance of the representative “flashlight” in the darkness could not see to find their path. We ALL thank you for your initiative and stalwartness in the face of at times the most challenging circumstances!
The darkness has lifted now. Do you see the Light on the Horizon? Can you make out the telltale signs of imminent Dawn? Daybreak is very near, and so many of you have instinctively put down your flashlights, extinguished your nearly spent candles in exchange for truer, more steadfast versions of the beacons of light you once were. You have gone within yourSELVES, paying no further heed to the external features of your former “selves” knowing that the time for shining simple lights on the paths of those are still awakening has come to an end. Dusk is turning to Dawn, and you in your steadfastness are now Streetlights all lining the road which spans the Bridge between here and Evermore. You know that to move this way or that is no longer necessary In order for your awakening Brothers and Sisters to find their way, and so you remain within the latitude of your Own Light, paying heed to your Own needs in these final moments before you cross over the Bridge. You know that THIS is what you came here for; Your journey of your self toward Your Self!!
You ARE Pyramids of Light!! Like standing in the Light of the Full Moon, the base of each Pyramid connects one to the next and the next and the next, perceived as one solid Path of Light on the final leg of your journey… one by which All around you can now see clearly the path which they too might take to cross over into the Light of a whole new Day! You now radiate the Eternal Wisdom and True Love that has always been and will always be your connection to the Source of All That is. We bid you hold fast to that premise! You ARE there now! <big smile> and the Celebration is beginning!
I AM Archangel Michael, incarnate as Ashtar Sheran, with the Ascended Masters. As we transmit these last few words we wish you to know that the Sun IS edging over the Horizon, dusk HAS turned to Dawn, and Daybreak IS … oh… say… a few minutes away, relatively speaking. <bright-shining-like-the-sun-smile>


  1. Thank You Angel Eyes! Eye...C....U... (wink)

  2. amazing! And look at that, posted at 5:55 pm, how magical!

  3. Thank you my Beloved Brother and Sister. This message, is, basically, more confirmation for me that my "job"/purpose here has been fulfilled, and that now I can devote some attention to my-Self and focus on "receiving" to fill that void, rather than giving EVERYTHING away. Eternal Love to you both.

  4. With tears, I thank you for this lovely and beautiful post. You all know my heart, and it is overjoyed to be in the presence of so many Brilliant pyramids of Light. We are There! Many Blessings and Infinite Love and Light Dearest Sister Ariel. These are the Best Days of our Lives <3 Wind Song


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