Saturday, August 4, 2012

“…and the Pursuit of Happiness” – A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

[Before you begin reading, Michael wanted me to be sure and request that you listen to the accompanying YouTube “video” on this post which he asked me to include… I had never listened to the whole song before today, and I must say that I am taken aback by it as the lyrics are very pertinent – to me in particular – though I’m certain that others of you will find your own important meaning in what he wants to convey to you by having you listen to it… Enjoy]

“…and the Pursuit of Happiness” – A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran
(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on August 4, 2012)
Greetings Dear Family of Light!
Today we would like to change things up a bit and take you on a guided “exercise” to help you better facilitate the pursuit of Happiness in your lives.
First, let’s define what Happiness is; it is a perception, unlike Love, which is a State of Being. When in the presence of True Love absent of any conditions the perception of what we experience in such a state is Happiness, or Joy, as some would term it. It is simply a definition of that which we innately know as Absolute Unconditional Love – most prominently Love of Source/Love of Self/Love of Beloved. In the presence of such Joy, all else is superseded by the pervasiveness which IS Absolute Unconditional Love, and our hearts know instinctively that nothing else is required for continuance of our Happiness.
But how to make this happen when in such a state as the 3rd Dimensional existence that many of you still perceive you exist in? Some of you maintain that you may never find true Happiness, while others are so deeply steeped in the illusion of duality they are not even aware that something far more satisfying lay just beyond the filmy layer of “almost-nothingness” you’ve been referring to as “the Veil”. They believe that “this is all there is” and indeed that may be what they have chosen to receive – and you see; receiving is what it is all about. Yet receiving, even Love and the ensuing Happiness that it can bring is a choice. You can choose to be happy, or you can choose to be sad, citing that it’s something outside of yourself that will “make” you one way or the other, but we assure you that it is what is within you which determines the outcome of your feelings or emotions.
That being said you can probably see where so many opportunities to BE Happy in your life have been passed by because of your perception that you couldn’t attain it, or perhaps even that you never even knew the opportunity to be so existed in the first place.
We will now guide you through a simple exercise to help you identify how Happiness works in your life, and how the realization of Happiness can assist you in bringing opportunities for even MORE Happiness into your current experience, to help you manifest those things and situations into your life which you desire and are certain would bring about the highest heights of Joy and Happiness that you have ever dared (or not as the case may be <wink>) to dream of being a part of your reality!
Please step with me into your past, into the “time” which you were a small child. Can you remember a time when you had wanted/needed something which you felt would bring you happiness? A new bicycle perhaps? Ballet lessons? Go to the beach? Go to the movies? Vanilla ice cream? Stay up late to watch a special show on TV?...Whatever it might have been that you wanted but for whatever reasons were denied receiving at that time? Please bring that memory into your thoughts now, and recall whatever excuse was used as the reason for you not receiving what was asked for – costs too much, not enough time, time for dinner, time to go to bed, etc…  
Now, it’s not our intention to try and place blame here on the person(s) who gave those excuses for your not having received what you wanted at the time. After all, in reality you know that each of you are fully capable of resourcing whatever it is that you desire at any time, but especially when you are a youngster, you are impressionable (how convenient) and in so many ways dependent upon the adults who are supervising you/raising you (i.e. your parents/guardians) that you are resigned to go along with whatever they say, simply because you are dependent on them for everything you want/need in your life. But think about how they’re reaction to your wants, the simple things that would have made you “oh so Happy” made such a big impression on your perception of your own “self-worth” … and your Happiness. In many cases such treatment places conditions on Happiness putting it in a place with your perception where you begin to have an “understanding” that  the value of your Happiness is measured in terms of this… $$$ (money) rather than in terms of this… ♥♥♥ (Love). Where did THAT come from? I think you probably already know, so I’m not even going to mention, but it DIDN’T come from your parents/guardians, so please don’t blame them! Just think of it now as something that was… something that happened but is in your past. That doesn’t mean you can’t change your perception of it, however, and that is our reasoning for having you bring it forward into your current thoughts.
So, you have in mind that thing/situation which would have brought you Joy when you were little. Though it has been many years since the last time you considered it, we invite you now to imagine, if you will, the Happiness you WOULD have experienced back then had your wish been granted. Imagine the Joy of climbing onto that brand new bicycle and riding it down the street for the first time; or the anticipation of your first recital where you got to don your little tutu and tights and ballet slippers dancing like a kite in the wind for all the world to see!! Or the feel of the sand and water tugging at your legs as you wade in the surf… or the excitement still coursing through you as you exit the theater after having seeing your favorite hero on the big screen… or the delectable taste of sheer mouth-watering Joy melting slowly on your tongue making your taste-buds explode in Ecstasy… or waking up just as your parents tuck you into your comfy bed realizing that you fell asleep on the couch before you show ended (oh well, there’s always next time <smile, laughing>). Really feel what that kind of Joy and Happiness would have felt like – we KNOW you can, because we KNOW you’ve felt it since then, it’s just that you’ve never known that you could take that feeling and place it anywhere else in your existence that you want to and experience it there as well.
Now let’s repeat that exercise for things/situations that you may have wanted but were denied as a teenager/young adult. We’ll note here that by this time in your life, some of you were capable of resourcing those things on your own, but perhaps were held back from doing so by constraints like certain “rules” and “restrictions” which were placed upon you due to your young age. But imagine if those rules hadn’t existed, how you would have enjoyed yourself attaining that which you truly desired, knowing there would be no consequences for doing so… concert tickets, new car, party, S-E-X (oh YES!!, sex <grin>), just to name a few – I’m sure you can think of others. Now imagine, no - go ahead… with wild abandon if you wish; don’t restrict yourself now just because others restricted you back then! <big grin> ,,, imagine the Joy and Happiness you would have felt had you been allowed to have/experience all those things!!
Now jump ahead a little further in “time”; you are now an adult with “responsibilities” not only to yourself, but possibly to your wife/husband and family and along with them an ever-growing barrel full of excuses and perceived constraints which prevent you from seeking out that which will truly make you happy. What was it then that you really wanted, needed to do which would have resulted in your happiness - the renewal of your self-worth which had somehow gotten beat back, shoved down and trampled upon by (your perception of) societies expectations of you? Did you want to tell your boss where to shove it (metaphorically speaking of course <laughing>)? Did you want to go on that dream vacation no matter how much it cost (and whether or not you perceived you could afford it because you no longer had a job)? Did you want to take out a second mortgage on your home so you could fix it up the way you’d always dreamed it could be – or just out and out sell it and buy the home of your dreams no matter what your spouse said you ought to do? Did you want to ask your spouse for a divorce because you could see the writing on the wall that you had grown out of the relationship and that it was no longer a healthy place to be in terms of your own Happiness? How Happy would you have felt if you had taken the chance know that your own Happiness was more important than constraints you perceived that society placed upon you to live up to the “status quo”? How many times had you been led to believe that to do such a thing would have been outrageously selfish of you and inconsiderate of those whose trust was laid in you, that your Happiness had no value beyond  whatever material things they themselves might receive from it?
Now we approach your present experience. We know and understand that there are many things you wish to have, situations you want/need to experience, but aren’t quite sure how to make them “reality” in your current experience. Recently we have guided you through ways to facilitate manifesting your wants/needs/desires into your current experience and have been met with resistance and questions such and “how am I supposed to do that, to imagine how it would feel as if what I wanted “already is”, when I’ve never experienced it before?!!” and we ask you again to remember what Happiness feels like – even if you have to go all the way back to your earliest memories of it in order to recall. You’ve felt it, and we know that you can bring it forward into the “now” moment… just the feeling, not associated with any one thing. Just the feeling…
Did you know that your own Happiness has always had the power to spawn Happiness in others for miles and miles around you just because of the positive and higher frequency vibrations of Love (Love of self/Self) that you automatically transmit from the Energy field surrounding your Heart as a result of your being Happy?
How would you have felt, if you’d taken the chance, the initiative, to see to your own Happiness, instead of allowing yourself to be dictated by your own perception of how society would have viewed you for doing so? If you knew that the only consequences would be your irrefutable and perpetual Happiness, even if the path you took led you into some very “interesting” (and uncharted) territory? The road less traveled…? Can you see where we’re going with this? Do you see the pattern that had been repeated and reinforced throughout your life, over and over again? Would you like to change it?
We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have the ability to bring into your experience that which you most desire, simply by KNOWING beyond a shadow of a doubt how Happy it would make you to do so. So what is it that you want? That new musical keyboard that you’ve been wishing you could have for your birthday for the last ten years in a row but were afraid to ask for in any seriousness because you didn’t think it would be viewed as “practical” or “affordable”? The suite of creative software for your computer that you never tried to obtain because of the same perception of it (remember the Divine Law of Infinite Supply)? How about something you thought you’d maybe never see, like full Disclosure of your Galactic Family here currently within your experience? Or to see them de-cloak en masse within your skies over all major municipalities? Or… to be reunited with your Twin Flame?
So many of you have wondered “when will I be able to have these things” and we would ask you the same thing – when will you be able to realize that your perception of the value of your own Happiness goes WAY beyond this … $$$ (money) and far into the reaches of this,,, ♥♥♥ (Love)?
Someone could hand you a $100 bill, but the Happiness you could get from it only goes as far as what you could purchase with it…
On the other hand, you could allow yourself Love simply by receiving it, from Source, from yourself, from your Beloved, and it will stretch on forever and ever, infinitely expanding upon itself simply from the Joy that you convey from the Happiness that you experience within your own expanding Heart, that reaches out and touches the Hearts of All those around you, and then comes back to you, magnified, exponentially…
I AM Archangel Michael incarnate as Ashtar Sheran, and I send you as much Joy and Happiness as your Hearts can hold forever and ever! Love and Light be with you All! <smile>
[Channeler’s Note: I just have to say that he’s left me literally crying tears of Joy here… I had no idea when we first sat down to do this message how profoundly it would affect me… I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed receiving and transcribing it.]