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Live Long and Prosper

Live Long and Prosper
by Ariel DeAngelis
There has been a lot of speculation and conjecture over the last few years as to exactly what NESARA (National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act) purportedly proposed prosperity packages which are supposed to be distributed resultant of NESARA, really are. Honestly I didn’t really know what they were (and still really don’t from the standpoint of when and how and by whom they were incepted) but as of the current ”time”, with regard to current events now unfolding, I now have a deep seated knowing of what they are from a different perspective than most Earth Humans perhaps had previously thought or been led to believe, but also, and perhaps more importantly what they are NOT.
Many people are of the understanding (as rumor has been circulated through many popular sources – especially recently) that these will be a source of financial/monetary “relief” for the masses who are currently subjugated by the banks of the world and are existing under less than prime circumstances. They are understood by many to be a means of “equal distribution” of wealth to the masses. There WILL be relief in the offing for the masses; that much is true. The confusion comes about with regard to exactly how all of this will take place.
There have been more than a few opinions as of late which suggest that, even in the wake of the complete financial collapse of our current economic system (which, I kid you not we are right on the brink of even as I type this out) NESARA “prosperity packages” will come to us in the form of simply “adding zeros” to all of our banks accounts.
Uuuuuum, excuse me, but WHAT bank accounts? Do you really think, realizing that all the major banks in the world are getting ready to “tank”, that there will be ANY “bank” accounts left to put “zeros” into after they do? Hmmmm…. Good question, huh!
It should be fairly obvious to anyone who has been paying attention and watching this whole scenario with the banks unfold, that to simply add “zeros” to everyone’s bank accounts would be a continuance of the criminal financial practices of the banks that have gotten us into this pile of doodoo  we are in in the first place, shouldn’t it? Why would we, how COULD we, in good conscience allow that to happen? It seems that some folks have not learned a thing from what they themselves have fallen victim to over the last few decades (or eons, if you want to include events from the time that monetary systems were first implemented in the “developing” world).
And what of the people who don’t have bank accounts – who don’t even know what a bank account is? How will adding “zeros” to bank account balances help them???
So the question comes about; what is NESARA really, and what are “prosperity packages”? Well, they are not probably what many of you have allowed yourselves to believe they are. So let’s start there, with what they are NOT.
They are not a way to get rich quick. They are not intended for the purpose of promoting a kind of lifestyle that would enable the “common” individual the ability to amass great quantities of financial and material wealth. They are not even intended as a means for people to acquire “things” by going out and “buying” them, since to uphold our current methods of conducting commerce would just be a continuation of the very same practices and nasty habits held by the banks, which have gotten us into this mess in the first place.
Oh wow! Does that mean … that all of this is pointing to a “MONEYLESS” society??? You’re darn tootin’ (translated “you bet”) it does!!! <big grin>
My sources have told me, and now I reiterate for you, that the “zeros” which will be “added” to all bank accounts upon implementation of the “prosperity packages”, will in actuality be put there to REPLACE ALL PREVIOUS BALANCES. Yes you read that right… All account balances – all checking, all savings, all stocks and bonds, all market accounts types across the board, even accounts receivable AND accounts payable – will be brought to ZERO! A clean sweep! Can you see how this actually makes sense in light of the fact that “banks”, and hence money/currency in general, will be removed from our reality in the very near future? It simply cannot go on for much longer as it has, and once the dam bursts, everything associated with the old system will be washed away. And in its place will be something quite different, something quite amazing that isn’t even currency, or even commerce based in the traditional sense of the words.
And interestingly, we won’t even be limited to simply acquiring only the things we need to barely survive; no, THIS NEW SYSTEM is intended to allow us ALL to THRIVE and exist within a state of Joy based living which will enable us to further raise our vibrations toward the inevitable Cosmic events which will take place very shortly within our current experience of reality.
You may have heard a while back that there was a plan to implement a new kind of “currency”, but there were never any details given as to exactly what that new currency was, or how it would be distributed, except for the rumors, and again, they were just rumors, that the “new currency” would be backed by gold. Even recently there had been “rumors” circulating that China has begun implementing a “new currency” base which is backed by gold… but that is all they are; rumors.
At one point there was an actual “plan” to implement a new, worldwide currency so as the make the transition to a moneyless society a more gradual one, but let’s face it, “time” is of the essence. The days are getting shorter. Our sense of time is ever quickening as we hurl toward our destination, and had things worked out as at first anticipated, implementing a “new currency” may have been an option. But those ideas have now been scrapped in favor of keeping with the fact that events need to be expedited in favor of our current “position” in the Universe.
What AM I getting at? Well, quite simply there isn’t a lot of “time” left to take things more gradually. There has been so much interference that has gone on in recent years/months with regard to making available a new way of life for the inhabitants of Earth that we are quite literally in the 59th second of the 59th minute of the 11th (or 23rd if you prefer) hour before midnight… Our “Captain” and “Crew” have waited patiently, but enough is enough already. We are now waiting in the wings for the inevitable to occur, and opportunity to take action to unfold…
My sources are now telling me “This is your Captain speaking – please put your tray tables down, place your seats in a reclined position, unfasten your seatbelts and get up and walk around the cabin if you wish, because we have just entered a “Money Free Zone”!
What does that mean for all of us?
It means that we will be given a first hand lesson in how to requisition the things we need, want and desire into our lives without having to go the “middle-man” route to get them. In this case, it will be done without the use of money. This in effect will teach us all how to live our lives with the full understanding of how there is, and has always been, and always will be, plenty for all; that no hoarding of material wealth or goods has ever been needed as insurance against the possibility of future “need”.  This has largely been a part of the problem of this society – the perception of lack that has been conditioned into all of our experiences in an attempt to get us to work harder to earn more money to buy more stuff to keep up with the Joneses to create more profits to pay more taxes to line more pockets of the elite few who believed that they were more entitled to lives of ease and luxury than the rest of us were… the cycle goes on and on…  
That is all going away … Too many of us have awakened now, realizing that this way of being simply cannot work any longer, and there is no turning back. We are on the brink of a whole new way of living and doing things, where the words “share and share alike” will not only actually mean something to every living and breathing man, woman and child on the planet, but will actually BE the way of life we all adopt. It’s coming, and it’s coming very shortly!
But how is it all going to work?
Well, gone are the days when we would go to the store with a pocket full of money (or plastic as the case has been so often in recent years) to buy whatever it is that we need, want or desire. Instead, we will be confronted with the opportunity to sit and deeply consider what it is that we truly want in our lives that would make us happy. And then once the decision is made, to simply go to where we would normally have gone to make such a purchase, make our intentions known and acquire, or “requisition” the item(s) we require to make us happy… whatever they may be. How does that sound? Impossible?
Think again.
IMAGINE! You want a week’s worth of groceries; don’t settle on simply getting what you’ve always gotten just because it was what you could afford – now you can splurge and get that gourmet item that you’ve always relished but would never buy because you had the perception that you didn’t have enough money in your possession to afford that AND pay the bills… go ahead!! It’s yours for the taking; no questions asked.
What’s that? You say you’ve always wanted to take a vacation in Hawaii? Me too! LOL Go ahead, call your travel agent and book it? No… wait a minute!! I know!! Since there are no longer any “national borders” and passports are no longer required to travel abroad, why don’t you take that extended tour of Europe or the Far East that you’ve always wanted to take? Go ahead! Live it up! It’s yours for the asking!
You want a 50’ yacht to sail around in? It’s yours! You’ve always wanted a diamond tiara to wear to dinner at the fancy restaurant that you’ve never allowed yourself to afford to eat at?…. Go ahead! Go out and get it! Order all your favorite dishes AND champagne AND caviar if you want!!
A new studio filled with musical equipment or tools of the trade for your photography or artistic endeavors? It’s all yours!
Those who have always wanted to attend an institution for higher learning, well now is your chance. Keeping in mind, of course, that the means by which learning occurs has now changed drastically also, and the TRUTH about ALL the things you’ve wanted to learn about is freely distributed by advanced educational facilities.
And for all of those who have suffered from health issues, the healthcare system has now been completely overhauled so that not only are “old diseases” completely alleviated, health and well-being as well as eternal youth are now common place, and the need for health insurance has been completely overturned.
The amazing thing about all of this is that ALL of these decisions about and acquisitions of what we truly desire to have in our lives are being made in the present moment. The enjoyment resultant of such acts is also experienced in the present moment. We begin to have the understanding that whatever it is that we need, want or desire, is always there at our beck and call, simply for the asking. And then we begin to understand that we have no need to plan for the future, because the future is always simply and has always been, TODAY.
Our sense of time, in the absence of feeling the need to dedicate our lives to the process of “earning a living” ceases to be, and we now inhabit a state of being which is based on the pursuit of Happiness and Joy for all, which is the result of recognizing, realizing and bringing one simple ideal back into our lives that has been missing for so very long; Unconditional Love. And we all extend to one another the deepest feelings of our hearts, unabashedly wearing them on our sleeves because we know now that they can never be broken again…
It kind of sounds like Heaven on Earth doesn’t it? There’s just one part of the equation that’s missing though, and I’ll bet you’ve been wondering when I was going to mention how all of this is going to be made possible….
Well, they have to land first.
And now is the moment that we all get to decide how it is that we will make all of this possible. What is it that we all need to do to welcome into our midst the Ones who ARE us who have come here to assist ALL of us together in becoming “the ONE we’ve been waiting for”?
Are you ready to make a decision? What will it be?
We’re still waiting … patiently. <smile>
Live long and Prosper.

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