Thursday, November 22, 2012

Where Are You? - A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

Where Are You? – A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran
(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on November 22, 2012)

Where are you?
Consider all that you perceive is happening around you.
Consider all that you know you are feeling inside of you.
How far afield do you allow your thoughts to wander?
How deep within do you allow your feelings to be seated?
Are you without?
Or are you within?
Where are you?
Consider the battle that you perceive rages all around you.
Consider the Love and Peace that reside inside of you.
Do you allow the battle that you perceive outside of you to encroach upon the Peace that you feel inside of you?
Do you allow the Peace within you to spread far and wide shedding its Light on all around, dispelling the darkness of the battle?
Are you in fear?
Or are you in Love?
Where are you?
Think about all of the injustices and iniquities you are led to believe exist in your experience.
Now, feel all the Love that you KNOW IS within your heart.
How does what you think is happening affect what you KNOW IS right here, right now?
How does what you FEEL inside of you affect what you think exists in your experience, right here, right now?
Are you in your head?
Or are you in your heart?
Remember: what you focus on is what you manifest – especially now. We don’t need to remind you how this works because so many of you already know through your own recent personal experiences.
What is it you want to experience?
A never ending, raging battle?
Or Love and Peace Eternal?
Are you in fear?
Or are you in Love?
Are you in your head?
Or are you in your heart?
Where are you?
Remember: what affects One, affects ALL – especially now. Consider this carefully and where your attention is focused. Consider how the Unified Field that surrounds your heart reaches out and connects to ALL around you – INfinitely. Consider how in your thoughts to connect in compassion by focusing on the battle that you are led to perceive rages around you, that allowing that “fear” constricts the Unified Field around your heart, separating yourself from the very hearts you hope to help. Consider how much farther your efforts to assist would go, and how the connection could be made if you would focus on the Love which is within you.
Do you think that by allowing yourself to perceive the fear and the pain and the anguish and the retribution that you will find the means to stop it? Do you ask “What are we going to do?”
Are you in your head?
Do you feel that by seeking the answer within; inside your heart; inside your Unified Field; inside of Love; that possibly, you are already doing it?
Are you in your heart?
Does it make sense to fan flames to try and put them out? Are you responding in fear?
Or does it make more sense to deprive the flames of oxygen, smother them, and allow them to go out? Are you feeling in Love?
Where are you?
Remember where you heart is. Remember where Love and Peace reside. Remember where you would like to be…
Where are you now?
I AM Archangel Michael, incarnate as Ashtar Sheran. We are with you… Where are you?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Housecleaning 101 - A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

Housecleaning 101 ~ A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran
(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on November 12, 2012)
YES! Every now and then every space can use a good reaming! And speaking of holes, tearing new ones… in the fabric of space/time… has been a rather daunting and dirty task recently, BUT (and I know I’m breaking…  protocol… here [wink] because we ALL know what “buts” are for [smile]) someone’s got to do it! And so it is that we see fit that our task today is to reveal to you a new(old) way of “cleansing” and “purification” so as to establish a better groundwork for what is to come.
Some of you have been going through your own process of renaissance and renewal, and to you we say BRAVO! Well done!! Your New Day is on the Horizon and soon a whole New Earth will be Dawning in the light of that New Day!! The worst is really past you now! However, we feel that perhaps a “clean sweep” will make it easier and pave the way for a more comfortable arrival and landing in your “new home”… that renewed space within you where Love resides – the new Crystalline Matrix of your Light Hearts (we would typically use the terms Light Body here, but since it is seen that your New Being – that which is primarily Love – resides within your Hearts we felt it appropriate to refer to this New Home as “Light Heart”).
So, on with the clean sweep!
There has been a bit of frustration and confusion going on down in “channel land” as of late. Many of you have taken to heart what was revealed some time back that All will have the opportunity to discover their individual abilities to receive messages from Higher Dimensions as we get nearer and in fact cross over – pass through - these very important energetic portals that we are now experiencing.
Of course! It only stands to reason that as your own vibrations rise the better attuned you become to the New Dimensions you will be entering!  That being said we would like to commend those of you who have been doing such a fine job of receiving information from your extended Family! Again, well done! And most of you have done an excellent job discerning which of the messages you receive are intended to be just for you, or whether they are messages of a broader application intended for publication to the general masses. We appreciate the way that so many of you are consistently “in your hearts” when you receive and publish messages that are intended for the masses to read! Your messages are Heart centered and filled with Love and Light which is exactly the purpose of conveying these messages in the first place – to establish as part of the New Paradigm a higher vibration of Light frequency so as to help facilitate the process of Ascension for those of you who have opted to participate in this Mass Ascension at this time. And as we continue toward this event there will be those who because they are just awakening still require guidance from those of you who are walking a ways ahead, and it is to you that we say, carry on! This is one of the things that you came here for!
It is however clearly obvious to many of you that some messages have been slipping through which perhaps are not as Heart centered as they could be. We are not going to make any assumptions or suggestions here, but perhaps you might have some plausible ideas of your own as to why this occurs. Needless to say it has led to some rather interesting confusion within the Lightworker community and on out into the multitudes of newly awakening Souls. The interesting thing about this is that it has caused a sort of an “imbalance” (or perhaps the term “mess” would be more appropriate here) within the Universe energetically speaking, for which it may also be clearly obvious to you will require a bit of “clean-up work” in order to even things out again. The Universe, however, is a pretty amazing Housekeeper in that such imbalances don’t last very long and just like a balance scale that gets tipped in one direction too far, it ALWAYS comes back to the center point at some point, even if at first there is a bit of toggling back and forth from one end of the balance to the other.
In this case think of it like this: The Universe is a huge basin in which information has been placed. Pertinent information (we’ll refer to Heart centered information as being pertinent in this case) is retrieved and replaced at a constant, consistent rate so as to not upset the balance too much at any one point. A problem might arise, however, when impertinent information (and we’ll use the example of “non-Heart centered information here to represent the impertinent information) gets dumped into the basin rather unceremoniously, and the resultant displacement of information in general creates a rather pronounced “sloshing” effect.
I’m certain you can see where we are going with this; that it’s not WE in the higher dimensions who will be performing the “Housecleaning” but rather the Universe Herself who will be providing this necessary task, and quite naturally too, I might add. [smile] Yes, that’s right, information has sloshed from one side of the basin to the other by the imbalance that has been created, and now it is in the process of sloshing back again. Only now, because of “where” we are currently “at” from and energetic standpoint and the Higher Vibrations creating a much more pronounced effect on just about EVERYTHING in recent “times” the sloshing effect that has been created will complete a clean sweep of ALL impertinent information that is currently being, or has been recently dumped into the “information basin”. What does this mean exactly?
Well, what this means is that while information whether pertinent or not will still flow freely, just as is true with ALL Energy that is approaching the threshold to the Higher Dimensions, if it does not resonate sympathetically with the frequencies found Higher Dimensions, it will simply not pass through. It gets “sloshed” clean out of the basin and VOILA!! No more static, no more confusion, no more mess! Clean sweep!!  
You will note, as you probably already have, that less and less information of the impertinent type is making it through these days, so in terms of the clean sweep that has been mentioned here, it is already under way, largely undetected by those who have been delivering this type of information. This is another amazing trait of the Universe; to be able to complete these cleansing feats in such a way as to cause the least amount of shock to the population at large, especially to those who seem to be rather oblivious as to the type of information they have been delivering. YES! You have been feeling much of the cleansing Energies coming at you especially in recent weeks and days  as they are ramping up at ever increasing rates. However, these are typically only felt to the extreme by individuals who are particularly sensitive to them, namely the ones who have been the trailblazers and the wayshowers, the ones who have been in the forefront for all this time. They are the ones who, while they may not have always been recognized as such, and some have only come into view of the community at large recently, have been here the longest, making way for those who would follow, basically “taking one for the team”. We truly appreciate all their hard work and diligence. We would like to point out that whether or not you are feeling these Energies is not in itself indicative of “where you are at” in terms of your progress toward your own personal Ascension. Each individual is unique and therefore has a unique experience with that regard. Those who are still in the process of Heart centering, however, may perhaps not feel it quite so extensively and may continue on for some time with their purveyance of “impertinent” information, quite unaware of what is going on around them, until one day they realize that people are no longer paying them any attention.
In conclusion, we wish to say that if you have been concerned about all that has been going on lately with regard to confusion over certain information you have come across, concern yourselves no further.  ALL is in Divine Order, going according to Divine Plan in Divine Right Timing. There is no need for anyone to take up reins to make certain that certain messes get “cleaned up” because as you can now understand, the Universe has had things in hand the entire time. You are being Divinely provided for, Divinely protected and Divinely Loved by ALL That Is.
I AM Archangel Michael incarnate as Ashtar Sheran. We Love you All and duly hope that this information puts your Hearts at ease. [smile]

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Heart lives on in other realms
Where cool, clear waters wash it clean
And warmth of suns bring it back to Light

Creation begins all over again...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Doors of Our Hearts

The Doors of Our Hearts
By Ariel DeAngelis
So what do I do now?
Tonight things have settled a bit. The “election” is over with, results in, people are settling into a softer temperament and seems that smooth sailing is all we see on the horizon… or is it?
I was sitting here contemplating, “okay, well what do I do now?” I’ve reached sort of a point of impasse, where it would seem that my physical being is in calm retrospect, but my emotional state is still in a bit of turmoil. And I am wondering why that is.
Michael suggested that perhaps I could do something fun, like draw a card or two from my Doreen Virtue Archangel Michael Angel Card deck (just for fun, mmmhm, yeah right, for fun), so to humor him (and myself) that’s what I did.
The first card that came up was “Keep your eyes on your targeted intention.” Well, now that’s not too difficult… and what is my targeted intention? Well, of course (I thought anyway) that it is bringing this whole thing “home” so that “Disclosure” (or rather the formality of that which we refer to as such) becomes a reality and we really can All “go home” … I could be with Michael, all Twin Flame couples would be reunited and everything would be perfect, right? Simple enough. I looked over at the portrait I drew of Michael which I posted on line recently, and smiled to myself, but it didn’t seem that easy for some reason. Something is still missing in my “meme”. Only I’m not getting “what” that is just quite yet.
So I drew another card – “A favorable outcome.” … fair enough! Sounds good to me! That means that we’re just that much closer to finalizing this thing, right? Maybe… but still, something’s missing.
So I drew another card – “Write about your thoughts and feelings.” And I thought ‘okay, well I had planned to do that anyway’,
but Michael said, “No, REALLY write about your REAL thoughts and feelings”.
And I’m like ‘you mean all the ones that I really don’t want anyone to know about?’ …
 “Yes, those”.
Okay, I guess I can do that. It WOULD be therapeutic I suppose – always has been before, even though there are things that I’ve been reluctant to bring up because my ego wants me to believe that no one wants to hear about them.  Yeah, I’m the kid that always got picked last for sports teams in gym class… I’m the little kid who no one would sit with at lunch time… I’m the little kid who got made fun of because I was fat and wore glasses and was too shy to look at or talk to anyone so everyone just  thought I was either weird or stuck up or both.
Now that I’m an adult, I still find myself feeling much the same way much of the time, like I’ll never be good enough, worthy enough, thin enough, smart enough, talented enough… In fact, these feelings of inadequacy are exactly the reason behind my reluctance (okay, out and out refusal, I’ll admit it) to even channel messages from Michael anymore. He still implores me to, citing that they are HIS messages not mine and I shouldn’t be concerned over what others might or might not think of them. And even though there are many people who I know the messages I’ve already transcribed for Michael have helped immensely (because they’ve told me so themselves), still I wonder of the ones who say nothing, and still even more of the ones who directly or indirectly refute that the messages even came from Michael in the first place. Yes it is those persons that get to me the most.
It didn’t start out that way of course; like any newborn babe I was uninfluenced by the outside world when I first started channeling Michael. Especially when I FIRST started channeling Michael, over 35 years ago, not even realizing he was Michael, not even for the purpose of relaying some important message to the rest of the world, but simply the through and for the Pure Love that I only recognized as being that of my “Soul Mate”, my One True Love… I had no idea who he was, only that I Loved him with all my heart… Not even having read very many of his messages channeled by other people, when he asked me, gently coaxed me into transcribing messages for him which he intended for the whole world to read, I was reluctant, feeling that I wouldn’t possibly be able to do as good a job as the few others whose transcriptions of his messages I had read up to that point.
Out of my Love for him I did it anyway, and now realizing that it was also out of Love for myself that I was doing it because I recognized my need to grow within myself, and build my self-esteem, my levels of self-worth, and most importantly my self-Love to a point where I could bring my vibration up to a compatible level with Michael’s. I’m not there yet (not quite anyway), obviously, as you no doubt have noted. It’s seemed to me, as it is with most people as they are “growing up” and maturing, that the more I build on my feelings of self-Love in my experience the more “situations” there are that come into my life to tear them down, and people behind those feats of demolition who seem intent on making it happen. Why do they do that? Better yet, why is it that they seem to feel that they have the authority to do that?  Even and especially when I innocently come to them with genuine intents of Love and offers of help, to assist in a mutual cause, that they feel the need to give me a “warning” that they will have to “check with their sources” to tell them whether or not I can be trusted. So, how is it that they came to trust their so-called “sources”?
It seems to me that you can’t really KNOW if you can trust someone, until you get to know them, through personal interaction, or your OWN gut instinct. For someone to feel the need to go to someone else to tell them whether or not I can be trusted says to me that it’s not necessarily ME that they don’t trust, but rather themselves? Doesn’t that seem more likely? And what of this nagging feeling because of the way that people who I’ve become acquainted with independently of this experience in my life, how one minute they accept me with all the Love in their hearts, and at first seem to truly appreciate what I did as a “Michael” chaneller, all of a sudden begin “skirting around me”, as if I have some kind of disease.
My “ears are burning” quite a lot these days. I KNOW that things are said about me behind my back. Who is saying I will leave open for conjecture… but I think I know… Should it bother me? Maybe not. But I’m Human too. The only difference there is that I DO sense things that maybe I’m not supposed to, or not intended to, and anyone can try to tell me that “it’s only just my imagination” that people really don’t say unflattering things about me behind my back – I can feel their vibrations. I know. I KNOW. That in and of itself could be proof enough that there is something quite “extraordinary” about me (truth is we ALL have this ability, but most do not opt to tap into it. Why is that? Because they are afraid – they are afraid of finding out whether or not people are really thinking about them what they are afraid they are thinking about them – pretty convoluted isn’t it!). But it seems that I Am not to be seen as the Master of my own identity… no, THAT is for a “trusted source” to determine…
All I can say is that I Am who I Am, and maybe names and labels don’t even really matter; God knows we don’t use them in the Higher Dimensions – our vibrations are all we need to know who each other are. But I guess that some people here just aren’t tuned in to that, or maybe are afraid to for fear that they might learn the truth of who THEY really are, if they did?... of how magnificent they truly are and how they’ve allowed themselves to be coerced all their lives into believing that they were “less than” the sum of their parts, when all this time they’ve truly been WAY MORE than the sum of their parts? OH, what an embarrassment for the “ego” THAT would be!! Why, then they would have to take it all back, and Love would come pouring in, superseding, and eventually completely replacing the fear that ego is so good at using to its own ends… 
All I’ve ever wanted is Love. All I’ve ever wanted is to give Love. All I’ve ever wanted is to be of service to my fellow Human Beings. And somehow, because I make the quite magnificent announcement of being aware, completely aware, of my true nature and my true identity, that this somehow nullifies my true intention of Unconditional Love and makes me out to be some kind of egomaniac. All I can say is that if this is how you really view me, then you don’t know me at all. And as long as you rely on others to tell you who they think I Am and whether or not I Am trustworthy, then you will NEVER know me… and how sad is that? For to know me, is to know what True Love is. To know me is to know yourself and that YOU TOO are True Love; we ARE All One and the Same.
But here I am, still battling with my own lack of self-worth because of what I sourced (or what I perceive what source was forced upon me) from someone outside of myself…
And those kinds of thoughts/feelings even work their way into my “dreams” … I had a “dream” one night a few weeks ago where I was interacting with a female acquaintance from my [distant] past. She looked at me in a very disgusted manner and in a very conceited tone informed me “You’ll NEVER be a member of high society!!”…  I responded by grabbing her over-sized 80’s style glasses off her face, and proceeded to wipe them down real good with my shirt tail while saying to her “You’re not seeing things very clearly!” When I put her glasses back on her face, she looked me with a sneer and said “YOUR SICK!!!”  to which I responded by licking the palm of my hand, getting it good and wet, and then wiping my wet palm all over her face stating “There!!! Now YOU’LL be sick too!!!” … oh if only I could get up the nerve to do that to some of the people I’ve known in THIS reality!! Could I?… if I did would anyone care?… 
Does anyone want to know the REAL me? Maybe they don’t. But maybe you all need to, because inside of each and every one of you too is a broken little child whose heart has been crushed so many times you just can’t bear to go back and revisit those experiences because it’s just too painful, even though you know that it could be a catalyst to healing, and especially even knowing that some things have happened to you in more recent times than you would like to admit that left you feeling… well… broken inside; not working right anymore. Yeah the Love is still there but it got lost somewhere between what someone did to you/said about you/didn’t do for you – the reflection in the mirror – and the shattered image you were left with as a result that caused you to see yourself as less than perfect/not worth much/something that maybe should be thrown away instead of repaired… 
Are we REALLY responsible for bringing things like this into our lives when all we were doing was telling the world/showing the world/with the enthusiasm of a little child all the excitement and exuberance  we had for ourselves and what we were doing that made us feel like we mattered, how much we Loved them and wanted to assist them and their cause in any way we could? Well, no. I’ve learned through my process that sometimes people see everything in us that they wish THEY were or had themselves – the confidence, the Faith in ourselves, the unbridled enthusiasm for what we do to the exclusion of worrying about criticism from the outside world – and they become so aware of their perception of the lack of these things within their own nature, within their own lives, that they see fit to break the mirror that is YOU, which they’ve been looking into, so that they won’t have to be reminded of how “imperfect” they think they are. WOW! Okay.
So, here I sit. I think I see now why Michael wanted me to draw the cards. It’s because I still have deep wounds inside me that have never healed and are still gushing my vital energies out into the Universe, unfettered, leaving me still heartbroken, with the sense of being trampled upon by people who, although they may have been aware of what they were doing at the time, never stopped to consider how it might have made me feel, or how they themselves might have felt, had they been in my place. They never stopped to wear my shoes for a moment to see how it might feel when someone breaks you in front of the whole world and then walks away like they did nothing at all, leaving you to bleed out – breaking the “Golden Rule”; committing the ultimate hypocrisy. 
The worst part of that is that my own ego (up until now anyway) wouldn’t even let me say anything in my own defense, preferring to allow me to believe that to do so would be considered “egotistical” by the very same perpetrator who unscrupulously broke my heart in the first place. But why should I care about what anyone like that thinks or doesn’t think of the way I feel? Obviously they didn’t care about how I might or might not feel in the first place otherwise they wouldn’t have stomped on my feelings so carelessly in the first place. But why WOULD anyone do that in the first place? I don’t require validation from MY “sources” to tell me whether or not THEY are real, and even if I did, I don’t go announcing it to the world that that’s what I believe no matter where or what I derived that opinion from. *sigh* What in the world is it that I do/say/think/feel that makes people judge me and tell others what they think of me, even before they’ve really gotten to know me???
And the resounding answer in that fabulously rich and magnificent low baritone voice, that can only be Michael’s, answers me;
“You did absolutely nothing at all to deserve that – except maybe that you were yourself, and for whatever reason they might have, THAT is something they feel they will never be able to do, maybe because they’re afraid to. And THAT is why they have to have other people tell them what they should be able to discern within their own hearts, because they perceive that the truth they might discover there is just too painful. They never considered, however, how opening that door might just lead them to a Love that is so powerful they couldn’t help but see how perfect you are; how perfectly REAL AND GENUINE you ARE – how perfectly REAL AND GENUINE they ARE, because you ARE them, and they ARE you. Do you see how that works?”
Yes I do. And thank you Michael.
I’m still stuck though, so I draw another card. “Prayer will help with this situation.” Well, there’s a no-brainer… even though I fully well know I need to do more of this.
Another card please – “Honor and trust your feelings.” I’m trying…
“Do or do not – there is no try”… okay.
So I continue drawing cards… I went through the whole deck actually and each one seemed to be pertinent to my cause:
“Let go of fear, NOW!” *sigh* I know… I’m still afraid of what people will think if I say how I really feel; if I admit to how hurt I’ve been by all of this since it started occurring a couple of years ago – really since I began channeling Michael. And yes, I do realize that I have attracted some of this into my experience because of my perception of lack of self-worth that I have been carefully cultivated to believe for most of my life. I think that people won’t believe/respect/appreciate what I do as a channeler because I am having a difficult time with all of those attributes myself – mirrors for each other… I’ve long had a fear of being seen as a “fake” because I had a hard time, even in light of ALL THE THINGS that have happened to prove otherwise, believing that everything I’ve experienced and my knowingness about “who I AM” is all real… but it isn’t even about belief… it’s about Faith … “Faith isn’t about believing… it’s about knowing”.
Thank you again Michael!
“Positive thoughts create positive results”… don’t I know this to be true! Again, I’m trying. I know I know… “Do or do not, there is no try”.
“Your inner guidance is REAL AND TRUSTWORTHY” … hammering it home there aren’t you Love! And I do know this, so very very well by this time. But evidently not well enough to keep me from recalling the hurt I’ve endured. I know… “Recognize it for what it is, embrace it for having been a good teacher for you, and then let it go. It has taught you all that it can. You’re ready to go on to the next lesson. <wink, smile>” … well that’s encouraging at least.
“Have confidence” … And it’s interesting to note here that this is one of the things that I seem to have been set with doing in this lifetime – one of my reasons for being; to help people who come to me inadvertently as “students” have more Faith in themselves and their abilities … they all have had something “bugging” them that just needed a little confidence to get them through it. Why is it so easy to instill this in others, but not in myself?
“Self-respect”… okay, well that seems to be the answer to that last question there, doesn’t it?! It’s crazy how all of these seemed to be stacked in just the right order to REALLY make me think about this thing and consider how I’ve allowed it to hold me back from being WHO I REALLY AM for so long. But why the lack of self-respect? Where did that come from?
“Detach from the situation” … Well, I guess I’m going to have to. Take a few steps back and look at it through different eyes/from a different vantage, before I’ll understand what it’s really all about; before I have an idea of how to fix it.
“Spend more time outdoors”… admittedly this is something that I’ve let slide lately. Ha! The “Earth Mother”/ultimate Earth Angel afraid to go outside because it’s been cold lately. Maybe it’s really colder inside my heart than it’s been outside… brrrrr… yep, that icy North wind is a blowing, and only averted here and there by a random hot tear that slips through …
“You’re on the right path” … encouraging, but what exactly does he mean here. Am I “cold”? Am I just a bit jaded and bitter here? Damn straight I am. But I was never one to be able to make that hold too well. I always thought I had a good poker face, but guess what? Over the years I’ve begun to realize exactly how transparent I really am, and that people can ALWAYS tell when I’m hurting inside. Maybe that’s the real reason I won’t go outside lately – because I’ve allowed myself to hurt, and I don’t want anyone to see that – because they’ll just tell me to “can the pity party”… or at least that’s what my ego wants me to believe, “No one likes a cry baby!!”
“You and your Loved ones are safe”… well that’s reassuring, though not quite sure what that has to do with this. Maybe, he’s trying to tell me I don’t have to fear people seeing the real me. Maybe if I allow them to, they’ll know that I’m just like them; Human. They ARE my loved ones – I really do view All of Humanity to be my family, so it’s safe for them to be THEMselves too? Maybe, just maybe…
“This situation is already resolved” Yes, I suppose it is. I just wish I could perceive it that way right now. I figure that by the time I get through this diatribe I will… ? Maybe there’s some perverse part of me that desires others to know how I feel, to perhaps instill upon THEM just a hint of the pain I’ve felt – especially upon the “alleged” perpetrators – so they’ll HAVE to walk a little ways (maybe not a whole mile – I doubt they’d make it that far actually) in my shoes so they’ll see how it feels to be me… especially when I’m hurting. I bet they’d be more careful in making sure they’re more considerate of other’s feelings before they say or do something that could be considered criticism, but not particularly of the “constructive” kind.
“Your home is protected by Angels” Does that mean that my heart is too, cuz you know, I know that’s where my Home really is; in my heart. Tuff question here, but I gotta ask it anyway; where were you when my heart was being broken?
“This is your life’s purpose” What? Having my heart broken? Oh, no no, I see… it’s to allow myself to learn the lesson of what it’s like to not have Faith in myself. Right? Right… And I understand that. So many of us were put here (well, really we all opted to be here actually) to learn what it’s like to “lack” in that one attribute that we had been best known for in our perfected state. Hmmm … so “Faith” has NONE in herself or the perception of her own ability to get herself out of a situation that she herself put herself in! What a conundrum!! I shall overcome. Not sure how just yet, but in fact because “This situation is already resolved” I know I will. Right? Right.
“Forgive yourself: you’ve done nothing wrong” Okay, I can buy that. However, if I’ve done nothing wrong, then what is there to forgive myself for? I guess I can forgive myself for allowing myself to view as a weakness my perception that I’ve been hurt and that I allow myself to FEEL the hurt to the extent that others know I’m hurting. Yep, and I know I do… there goes my ego again, beating up on me, kicking me when I’m already down. “You don’t deserve for anyone to feel sorry for you that you’re feeling bad, they’ll just think you’re a wuss anyway and probably tell you again to “can the pity party”, cuz no one likes a cry baby”. Okay oh Great and Mighty Ego, if you’re such a super-power then why don’t YOU go out there and take it where it counts? What’s the matter, are you chicken? It’s not so easy when the shoe is on the other foot is it?! Maybe YOU should walk a mile in my shoes, ego, and then you’ll see how it feels!! Aaaah, but I Love you, because you are, after all, me… and would I do that to myself? Probably not. Maybe I AM just a wuss…
“You created this situation and you have the power to change it” … I know. :-\ I know…
“Believe and Trust” point already made… but perhaps it should be Faith and Trust… maybe both those are really the same thing?
“Your children are watched over by Angels” So, I was wondering why this card came up just when it did. Yes I know that it’s part of the deck and for some unknown reason I feel compelled to go through the whole deck, maybe as much out of morbid curiosity as for the fact that one card leads to the next to the next with a pertinent message that picks up where the last one left off… I thought about it for a while however and decided that Michael is not referring to my actual offspring, but rather all the different facets of myself that could be considered to be my “inner-children”? Those parts of me that I know I need to nurture but somehow in the process of my licking the wounds of one, I’ve sort of neglected the others, and he just wants me to know that if I come to that realization (which I just now did) that the others are being well taken care of by the multitude of Guardians (Angels) that I have around me (that we All have around each of us) that I need not worry about them… ? And maybe because I have nothing to worry about with regard to the other aspects of myself, then I shouldn’t be afraid to give 100% attention to the part of me that is still hurting, until I’m fully healed and whole again (no matter WHAT my ego keeps telling me).
“Use your imagination and you’ll see the answer” Well, you see now THERE is part of the problem. One of the things that I have allowed to hurt me came from someone who claimed that I couldn’t possibly be who I Am, and that I simply have a “beautiful imagination”, but that everything I’ve experienced with regard to my relationship with Michael (and with myself) is just me fantasizing about the way I wished things were… and THAT person ALSO revealed that they couldn’t find it in themselves to discern for themselves if what I had made known was true, but rather had consulted other “texts” in order to formulate their conclusion that they should “invalidate” me in such a way … what is UP with that???!!! And that person ALSO made their supposition a public announcement for the whole world to read as a comment made on a blog I keep where I had posted a very Beautiful and Loving memento to Michael. It was almost as if that person couldn’t stand that I had posted something that was truly THAT Beautiful, and felt they had the authority to try and deface it somehow… Again I have to ask; why do people do that?!  Utilize a source outside of themselves, outside of their higher knowing to tell them what is what? Imagination is the KEY INGREDIENT in Creation! If it wasn’t I can assure you that NONE of us would even be here – nothing can be created if it cannot first be imagined. And here I have basically invalidated myself by allowing someone else’s clearly erroneous opinion that imagination is not real, and therefor invalid, to determine my own validity/self-worth/”real”ness, essentially utilizing an outside source to tell me what is what. WOW now THAT’S a tangled web!! I wonder what role my ego played in THAT one!! Are you beginning to see a pattern here like I am beginning to see?
“Focus on Divine and perfect health” … okay, noting that “health” doesn’t always mean physical health, I’m going to assume that he means there are other parts of me (clearly) that can use a “tune-up”… so yes, Beloved, I Am focusing on Divine and perfect health… it’s not easy, but I do every day and you know that. “Yes, I do and commend you on your progress in that direction…”
“New beginnings and a fresh start” This one makes my heart leap for joy and sink in doubt all at the same time. The thought of getting all these feelings out of me and into the open where they can be addressed, perhaps not just by me but by others, so that anyone who has ever felt this way can know that it CAN be resolved in a positive way, and you don’t HAVE to feel this way forever, that there IS room in All our hearts for Love AND forgiveness for both ourselves AND the people who inadvertently contributed to making us feel this way in the first place, makes me feel excited and giddy, full of Love and anticipation for the relief I will feel once the weight is lifted and my heart is once again free to just BE ITSELF! At the same time, here comes old “ego” trying to make me afraid of what others (especially the initial perp, who probably isn’t even aware that they are being scrutinized here) might think about this rant and the fact that I’m having more than a few “Human” moments here getting all the ugliness (including that part of my ego) out for a good cleansing/purification (airing the dirty laundry is how my ego wants to put it) … but does it matter? After all I’ve lent so much validity to the words “It’s none of my business what other people think of me” and yet it would seem that I really don’t believe that myself at all, otherwise why in God’s name would I spend all this time typing this out in the first place?
“It’s cathartic, that’s why. For every cleansing/purification there has to be a process. Continue… “
“Eternal Love” … aaaah finally at last. He still Loves me. Maybe even more than ever. And I Love him… even more than ever. I am so deeply grateful to him that he’s helping me get through this… helping me to Eternally Love myself, because we both know that if I don’t/can’t Love ME totally, completely and Unconditionally, then there’s no way I can Love HIM that way. Ah, but here’s the real crux; because of the way that we are ALL interconnected, I Am you and you are me, they are us and we are we…  I also need to Love the perp(s) that way, otherwise I can’t truly Love myself OR Michael the way that I need to, the way that I want to. That’s the hard part. Laying it all down for Love.
Oh man… here come the tears. I knew I wouldn’t get through this without crying at least once.  
Yeah, and THAT IS one of the hardest parts about this whole thing is that I really DO Love EVERYONE that much, that way, and I don’t think there’s probably a one of you out there who hasn’t felt the pain of what it’s like to feel that Love isn’t being reciprocated the way we think it should be. But maybe that’s not the point … maybe that’s not what Love really is… maybe the ideal that what you give out will be returned to you 10 fold really comes from what we give to ourselves, when we Love someone else, and we allow their Joy, no matter what it is Joy over, to be our own Joy (maybe even if they are experiencing Joy over the thought that they have hurt us somehow?? Wow, now there’s a tall order.) Maybe what we receive back really is what we gave out in the first place, because all the Love we were giving to others was all meant for us? … “The gift is in the giving”.
And when you stop and think about it
You won't believe it's true
That all the love you've been giving
Has all been meant for you.”
(“Question” ~ The Moody Blues)
Well, okay, now I think we’re getting somewhere. This isn’t just about ME… or HIM… or ME and HIM… it’s about ALL OF US. And it’s not just about how WE (Michael and I) feel about ourselves and the rest of you, it’s about how we ALL feel about EACH OTHER… it’s about how WE ALL (or don’t/can’t perceive of such) Love EACH OTHER! AND OURSELVES!!
Do YOU see how that works now? Eternal Love isn’t just about Love between Beloved Twin Flames or Lovers or Brothers and Sisters or best friends or family members… Eternal Love, True Love, Unconditional Love is about Love between US ALL. Because we really ARE each other, and what affects One affects US ALL…
“The person you’re asking about is trustworthy” Absolutely he (in this case, the alleged “perp”) is. And now I know why. Because in reality he’s just another facet of ME!! And what is there not to trust about me? Especially when I KNOW that I AM the epitome of “FAITH”!!! I Love me, so therefor I must trust me, so therefor I must Love and trust the perp, because the perp IS me… do I think he Loves and trusts himself quite yet? Well, no, because if he did, then he would know that what I presented to him as me being me would have been of no threat to him. He would have been able to use his OWN discernment to tell him that I ALSO could be trusted, and that he didn’t have to seek validation for who I AM from an outside source. And you see what that got him? More doubt, because the outside source was ALSO afraid that I am who I am and could not/would not trust that reality because ego might have to take a back seat to it. Interesting. Why are you so afraid of yourselves? Wow, okay, I’m starting to see how silly this whole thing really is, though I feel bad that anyone would be as afraid of their own ego as I’ve been of MY own ego…  TRUST yourself and your own process. TRUST me, because I AM you and you ARE me… nuff said.
“Lean on God and the Angels for support” I AM! And I have to say that it’s some of the finest support I’ve ever experienced and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Of course, and this is not an “egotistical” statement – I really mean it – I AM including myself in that lot too, because in reality WE’RE ALL ANGELS!!! WE ARE ALL GOD!!! Something I’ve been telling/keep telling everyone repeatedly that we’re ALL the same on the inside, and if I’M an Angel/God incarnate, then guess what? That means that YOU are too!! Why is it that people have such a difficult time accepting that?
“Ask Archangel Michael to help you with this situation” Done! And thank you Beloved! And also once again I’m not just thanking Michael, but I’m also thanking myself, because I AM Michael, and Michael IS me! No, I’m not being “egotistical” I’m being honest, not just with you, but with myself too. It is my sincere hope that you all get used to it, because you’re going to be hearing a lot more of that Truth coming up, and it won’t just be coming from my mouth. I have finally accepted it so therefor, I know that all of you are destined to also, and it will probably become known to you when and how you least expect it; like a “Thief in the night”… yes, that rhetoric comes to mind. LOL
“Go forward fearlessly” I dare say that I AM. And you know what? I’m realizing something here. Going through this process, and it being so cathartic, I realize how much I really DO LOVE and RESPECT myself, and how all the fear I was feeling when I began this is dissipating… in fact, I can honestly say that it is mostly gone!! So it IS TRUE that fear cannot exist in the presence of True Unconditional Love!! Geez… I feel all warm and giddy and gushy on the inside, like someone just gave me a really big hug… What’s that you say Michael? I just hugged myself? Why… I believe I DID!!! What a wonderful feeling… uh oh, here come the tears again, but hey, THESE tears are tears of Joy!!! Oh Joy!! I REALLY DO LOVE MYSELF.
“It’s time to leave this unhealthy situation” Yes Love, you are absolutely right!!! When Love feels this good, how in the world did I allow the unhealthy situation to go on for this long? I know now that we are entering a time when I must put down all the childish ways I had adopted and take up Love fully in their place. There is no longer any room for fear or mistrust (fear) in any of our lives, and in order for any/ALL of us to move forward we need to let EVERYTHING else go, open our arms and our hearts to the ONE thing that IS REAL – Love.
“Guarded and protected” Yes, this message came through to me loud and clear this morning as I was going through a “protocol” I had adopted to keep my computer and files and passwords secure from “prying eyes” as I logged onto my computer’s profile and then again to my e-mail. Michael asked me “What are you doing?” and I knew why he had asked, and what he was going to say next, why it made me feel really silly when I answered him… of course, he told me “You don’t need to do that anymore. You are protected now – not that you weren’t always, but you don’t need to have the perception of having to go to any special lengths to insure your privacy. All those “prying eyes” have gone away and they can’t “hurt” you anymore. Don’t you know?… everything’s changed.” And indeed it has. So funny too that when I finally DID open my e-mail, there in my inbox was an announcement from Meredith Murphy from her website “Expect Wonderful” letting us all know about a new message from Michael that she had received yesterday (November 6th) which basically reiterated what Michael had just told me – and OH! I know I’m going to regret saying this, but so many times this has been the case with conversations that Michael and I have had, I guess I should know by now that YES it IS ALL REAL (he’s shaking his head with his face in his palm…poor Michael. I’m such a problem child!! LOL)
“Innocence” Aaaah you just have to LOVE the synchronicity of these cards. Child-like innocence. Yes, above all, I realize that in ALL of this, I have been as innocent as a newborn babe.  We all have; perp, victim, and innocent bystanders alike. This is because through the realization of True Love and the Unconditional aspects that are embodied within that True Love, we also understand that there can be no judgment, and THIS is why we are ALL innocent. WE are all just acting out our roles in this grand Cosmic drama (or game, if you prefer). We are experiencing for the Source of our creation, learning the lessons that we need to learn, so that Source can know itself better through us and our experiences. And because Love of our Creator Source is Unconditional - Source welcomes ALL experiences equally, otherwise it would have no use for us and we wouldn’t even exist – Source cannot judge without judging Itself, because after all, we ARE ALL Source/God incarnate – we cannot be a part of All That Is unless we ARE, and if we are not a part of All That Is, we simply would not exist. Since we have some concept that we exist (even nothing is something… “There is no such thing as no such thing”) then by default we are also a part of All That Is…
“Romance Angels are helping you” That is such a comfort! All one big happy family starting with Mother/Father/God… what was that I was just saying about being God incarnate… oh yeah, and the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine (Mom and Dad) and that’s where the Romance comes in, because where would our Yin and Yang be without it? What AM I talking about… I have no idea…Romance kind of does that to me sometimes… LOL But it feels good, and I’m good with that.
“Sense of Humor” ah yes, here we go with the synchronicity again. Above all, I think we all need to view this “experience” thing with a sense of humor… God has one (otherwise, again, we wouldn’t be here, right?), so why shouldn’t we have one too?? LOL
“Decide to be happy now” Well, you see I think it’s working, and I didn’t even need to decide to be happy. I really think that once you remember how to Love yourself/everyone/everything else, happiness becomes kind of an endemic part of that, wouldn’t you say? But even if it weren’t and you find yourself not feeling as happy as you know you could, you can still DECIDE to be happy NOW as opposed to later, when you think you have a real reason to be… which, by the way, do you NOT have a real reason to be … right now? Did the world suddenly end and you with it and that is why you can’t be happy right now? No? Well good, then make up your mind and make it so. Smile! :-) I promise your face won’t break if you do… LOL
“Admit the Truth to yourself and act accordingly”… so what IS the truth anyway? And I suppose there are still a few folks out there who would say “Oh come on, you know what the truth is Ariel – you aren’t really who you say you are… admit it” and to that I say, OH PHONEY BALONEY!! That may be YOUR truth, but it certainly isn’t mine, so get out of MY TRUTH and go have your own truth. I KNOW who and what I AM and I’m not afraid to say it; I AM Archangel Ariel, I AM Archangel Michael’s Twin Flame, I AM God incarnate… what more do you want???  And now that everyone knows that once again, I WILL continue to act accordingly by being me to the best of my ability. Tune in to me, I invite you and warmly welcome you All to do so. You might be amazed, pleasantly so, to learn what you will find within my heart!
“Shield yourself” well, I’m hoping that with the new age of Love and compassion quickly approaching (already here), that I won’t have the need to perform this act for much longer – shielding myself, that is. And since “shielding” one’s self, could be looked at as a form of protection and I’ve been assured that I no longer need protection this could be looked upon as impertinent at this time. HOWEVER, let’s not forget the rather magnificent Energies that are still coming into our system and will continue to do so up to and including the final blast that will catapult us all to our goal of our ultimate raise in vibration making us compatible with 5th Dimensional frequencies. Some of the energies are SO intense that some “shielding” may be necessary for sensitive individuals so as not to cause any “short circuiting” in the process… perhaps, that is what he means here.
“Take your time making this decision”… I have been contemplating a bit here and there through the composition of this tome, whether or not to actually publish it. It is, after all, already well over 7,000 words long (just over 12 pages in Microsoft Word 2010, single space, Calibri font size 11) and I have no idea if anyone would even want to, much less actually read the whole thing… I have 6 cards to go before I’ve finished the deck… but rest assured there is still pertinent information having to do with this whole situation and healing process within those 6 cards… SOMEONE perhaps is bound to find something useful in my spewings, so I guess there’s no harm in publishing it for the heck of it. I’ll see how I feel about it when I’m finished.
Maybe this is just for me. Maybe no one else needs to know I’ve had these feelings of inadequacy or that I blame the feelings partly on the way that other people have treated me over the last almost 3 years (well, really all my life); since my awakening to the realization of my true nature and the true nature of who I’ve been experiencing as my True Love/Soul Mate/Twin Flame for almost ¾ of my life. Maybe I should have taken my time making the decision to reveal all of that to the rest of the world – even though a “mandate” of sorts was set before me to reveal this information as soon as possible in whatever manner I saw fit. I’m still not sure why that was… maybe just to see if I would?
Maybe the way I should have “seen fit” was to “not reveal it at all”? But things would have turned out dramatically different if I hadn’t seen fit to reveal it at all, even though it might have meant that my feelings wouldn’t have gotten hurt in the process. Sometimes the most worthwhile experiences are also the most difficult to have. And especially since “all of this” ISN’T over with yet, I have to assume that there is some very valid reason why I did what I did when I did it, and why I’m continuing on that particular path that I started out on nearly 3 years ago now. I HAVE had many people tell me how strong they think I am, and how they couldn’t imagine themselves doing what I’ve done and surviving through it all… I don’t know … maybe I’m just a bumble bee at heart. I don’t know that structurally my wings are too small (according to our current understanding of aerodynamics) for me to be able to fly, but I know that I’m supposed to fly, so therefor I do anyway, no matter what “science” says. Aaaah “ignorance” really IS bliss you know. So is Divine Ecstasy! <wink wink>
“Energy healing work” I was doing this with a friend of mine last night (Nov. 6) who is a paraplegic and currently experiencing miraculous healing of her spinal cord… I think she’s having Lightbody activation and incorporation and it’s making her nerve synapses grow back together… she asked me if I would give her a Reiki treatment and of course I was honored to be of service to her, so I did. We spent almost 5 hours having the most wonderful visit and energetic exchange!! I just LOVE that!! And it helped her so much by relieving most of the pain she’s been experiencing due to the nerve regrowth! :-) But you know, one thing that has always been a problem for me, and this goes back to my perception of lack of self-worth, is that I never seem to make enough time in my life to give to myself like that. Don’t get me wrong… I DO get SO VERY MUCH out of bringing Joy to others, but usually I forget that I need to administer to myself too… Self-Love really IS where it ALL starts!! Michael keeps reminding me that I don’t spend nearly enough time in meditation and self-healing practices, but there I go … giving it all away. Yeah, it feels good, but imagine how much BETTER it feels when you know that you have an infinite wellspring of the stuff because you took the time and energy to make sure that yours was filled to overflowing before you started giving it out to everyone else! Something to consider. Michael, (and Self) I promise to give more to myself from now on so that I will have even more to give to others in the manner I have become accustomed to giving! :-)
“Pay attention to your dreams” … and here we are coming to a part of reality that I MUST pay attention to, because I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the dreams aren’t (and never really have been) “just” dreams. In fact, with the way I feel lately, like I’d just like to go to sleep and never wake up again, I have to say that my dreams are MORE REAL than this so-called reality which we find ourselves in when we’re not “dreaming”. So, YES I AM paying attention to my dreams. And SO many ANSWERS to the dilemmas that I’ve experienced in my life have been resolved recently by paying attention to the messages I receive in my “dreams”… and so many cognitive recollections of “dreams” that clearly were NOT dreams, but rather actual experiences in the  5D realm that I seem to traverse back and forth between so easily these days (which come to find out, I’ve actually been doing all my life, but had been led to believe by “societal conditioning” was just me and my “beautiful imagination” fantasizing about the way I wanted things to be). So, what IS the dream and what IS reality? Well, I know what I want it to be, and I can’t imagine why ANYONE in their right mind would choose their “waking state” to be their reality… oh but wait a minute. Perhaps that is what they choose BEACAUSE they are in their mind, instead of their heart?
“God is in charge” … well, how prophetic is that novel idea? Oh wait another minute… I guess that’s not new either is it! “God helps he who helps himself” Yes, there it is all laid out for us. We ARE God, so therefor when we do for ourselves, we ARE God doing for us also, and THAT is when the vibrations become just synched enough that the whole Universe pitches in, and then we get the Divine Law of Infinite Supply, which states that no matter what the want, need or desire is, there will always be enough for everyone as long as we are open to the (sometimes quirky) way that the Universe has of delivering them to us! In other words, keep your eyes peeled or you just might miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Of COURSE, God is in charge, because WE ARE God!!
“Be gentle with yourself” … as only God could be, that is how much we are Loved!! Never ever be cruel to, or handle yourself roughly or hurt yourself in any way… this includes allowing yourself to perceive that others are the ones hurting you… remember, they ARE you, and if you perceive that they are hurting you, maybe it’s only because of an aspect of yourself that you are allowing to not treat you gently, as you would your own Beloved child… you… your inner child, that YOU are the one who is hurting you. And when the world gets to be too much for you, and you feel the walls closing in and have lost the feeling that there is anyone out there who Loves you, wrap your arms around yourself and hold yourself just as you would a tiny babe with warm and tender Loving care. Rock that baby and hold it close to you so that you feel the Love you bestow upon yourself, and LET IT FEEL GOOD, because IT’S SUPPOSED TO FEEL GOOD!!
“Make a commitment” YES!! I make a commitment to myself, to Love myself, and be gentle with myself, forgiving myself all the misunderstandings I have about myself and what I feel are other’s perceptions of myself. And in my commitment to Love myself, I also make a commitment to Love EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE. It may take them a while to get used to the idea that someone they think they don’t even like is willing to openly feel/show/make a display of Love for them, but when they feel how good it feels to know that someone else can do that for them, then maybe they’ll feel how good it can feel if they’ll just do that for themselves, and pretty soon everyone’s Joy WILL become everyone else’s Joy once again, and we’ll remember what Unity Consciousness is really all about and never ever again forget what it is… now THAT will be Heaven on Earth!! I look forward to it… because I can already feel it! ;-) Not such a difficult commitment to make after all…
“Explore your options”… and NOW the real fun begins. To me, this means “Go out and have fun!!” God knows there are as many options as there are people to consider them out there. The sky is the limit, REALLY!! We are now in a “time” of complete freedom as far as what we want, and what we can create for ourselves. I opt to create an existence that is free of fear and filled to overflowing with Divine Love. There is no judgment because there is no fear – judgment is an aspect of fear. Fear is fear of the unknown and where there is Love fear cannot exist because in Love, ALL IS KNOWN. Love IS EVERYTHING. It IS INFINITE and so are our options … Is THIS going to be fun or what?!!
Thank you for staying with me for this long. If you’ve gotten this far, I commend you, and I thank you for honoring me by reading the whole thing. Namaste!
I feel much better now. I realize that anyone who I have ever allowed myself the perception of having hurt me, is really my Brother and my Sister and my Self, and I could Love them no less than I Love myself, especially when I realize that they, like me, are oftentimes like a lost child feeling unwanted and unloved themselves, when all we have to do is open the doors of our hearts and let the Love come flooding in. And it will. It does. It already has.
I Love you ALL. We Love you All!!