Friday, December 21, 2012

12-21-2012 RESET

12-21-2012 RESET
Elaine and I had noticed the first flash earlier in the day yesterday – December 20 – right around 1:00 or thereabout. We were standing in the kitchen getting ready to have some lunch and there was this brief, fraction of a second FLASH! like a flash on a camera going off that came in through all the windows. It was almost as it might have been like the sun glinting off of a car windshield, except that there was no sun yesterday, especially at that time of day. We looked outside and noted that it was still as it had been since morning – overcast; no possible way that it could have been sunlight glinting off of car windows. Neither was there any chance it could have been lightning; it was too cold and the cloud formation of the overcast sky was all wrong for any kind of thunderstorm activity to be taking place. We chalked it up to and Energy burst coming in from the impending Galactic alignment… evidently it was already in full swing by that time. Makes sense as 12-21 was already a matter of fact for some parts of the world – we’re in the USA Eastern Time Zone.
I spent the rest of the day just BEing, basically. I went on line, did a couple of simple things on Facebook, nothing monumental, checked e-mail, made plans to make some phone calls later in the day, etc. We took a trip to the post office and the grocery store at one point to send off and pick up some last minute odds and ends. Dinner was meager. I made my phone calls, ending just a few minutes before midnight. Set to listen to a “blogtalk” radio show  I had pulled up that I thought Michael really wanted me to listen to – come to find out it was just a point he wanted to make, which was brought up in my last phone of the evening, that I needed to discontinue my habit of “judging a book by its cover” (more on that later perhaps if it proves to be pertinent). But as it turned out, when I finally got to it and went to click un-pause on the player, it was no longer accessible to me… hmmm… guess I “got the message” ???
Well, anyway, I set to answering one last e-mail that had come in from my friend Michael Gonçalves in Brazil (he had sent me a message in celebration of 12-21-2012 about an hour before). It was just a few minutes after midnight according to the clock on my laptop. I was typing away, and all of a sudden there was a really bright flash that made the lights dim for a fraction of a second. I thought “Wow! That’s interesting and exciting!” It was very much like it had been earlier in the afternoon, except much more noticeable as it was dark out now – though still overcast, and in fact by this time it was raining pretty hard and steady. Then a few seconds (I’m going to guess about 30) later, another flash and lights dimmed momentarily. I looked at the clock. It read 12:07AM.
Coincidentally, I had been in pretty tremendous pain, both physical and emotional, all day on the 20th… and in fact, I had been having pain like that for two or three days before that – lots of clearing going on still in my experience, evidently. But after that second flash that happened right at 12:07AM I felt this incredible feeling of Peace and calm come over me – even more so than earlier in the evening after I had asked my friend Becky in Maine to say a prayer for me and send me some healing energy because I was having such a hard time…. That energy had come in at around 10:15PM on the 20th
This new sensation of Peace and calm and almost complete cessation of pain that came with the two flashes at 12:07AM was even more amazing though. It was quite like someone had pressed a reset button in the Universe somewhere. Something else I noted which I know contributed greatly to the sense of calm directly after the second flash was the rain letting up, and the noise of traffic out on the street being greatly diminished. I was so impressed by all of this, I went in search of some corroboration; I wanted to know if anyone else in our household had witnessed these two “flashes” (which by the way, were NOT lightning either, there was no follow-up of thunder, and they were bright enough that, had they been lightning, we most assuredly would have heard thunder as a result). Sure enough, Chris was still up, sitting in front of his computer looking at Facebook. I walk into his room and asked him “did you see those two flashes and the lights flicker just now” and he confirmed that he had indeed.
WOW!! So it WASN’T just me!! And indeed, those three flashes weren’t the only ones; there was a fourth at around 1:20AM as I stood in the bathroom washing my face getting ready for bed.  And I don’t think we’re quite done yet, even though my laptop clock reads 1:07PM (on 12-21-2012). I think we’ll be having these flashes coming in steadily over the next 3 or 4 days – I just have a feeling. Perhaps they won’t be as noticeable as these first few, but they will be there, rest assured, anchoring in this new Energetic Vibration! 
OKAY!! Well how about that!! I think we had been witnessing this whole Galactic alignment thingy over the last 24 hours… and in fact it must have really started a few days ago, because I had noted similar flashes earlier in the week…. All very similar to when the Platinum Crystal under Mt. Shasta came on line. WOW! It’s all very real, isn’t it?!! And not just the visual of experiencing it, but also noting the difference in the way I felt; like a HUGE weight had been lifted off of me. In fact, today I feel very much like this is a point at which everything begins again, as a fresh clean slate. The possibilities at this point are endless. Manifestation of what we desire becomes quite effortless and much more “instantaneous” than we perhaps had ever dared to dream possible in our previous experience. And even though I had known already that I had Ascended, I feel even more certain that this IS our reality. We are in a whole new and higher Energy Vibration.
How has all of this affected others in my life experience who I’ve interacted with throughout my life? I really have no idea, since the only ones I’ve been in direct contact with since before I went to bed this morning live under the same roof with me. I’ve been able to maintain my general feelings of Peacefulness, even despite some rather “uneven” emotions in close quarters, which is something that is a bit new to me. I’m usually very sensitive to the prevailing vibrations carried by others in my close proximity. But not today. This suggests to me that overall the vibration of everything around us has changed and even in consideration of the aforementioned unevenness, it’s easier for me to maintain my own evenness because I have more “evenness” supporting me from my extended surroundings than previously. What a GREAT FEELING!!!
Hooray!! We’re finally here!! And even though as I type this I hear an emergency vehicle siren blowing nearby as it travels down our street, I’m not in the least jarred by it as I would have been in days past. I really know that EVERYTHING has changed, along with my own perceptions.
Yes indeed!… Where will it take us from here? I guess we will find out – more on this later… I’m certain!!

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  1. Dear Ariel,

    I too have been experiencing this inner calm and peacefulness since Friday. And even though I have been releasing some inner issues, the peacefulness has not left me. Its like the ability to still feel and process things but without the inner turmoil that always came with it. I continue to sit with this feeling. Thank you for the validation,


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