Thursday, December 6, 2012

Everything You’ve Always Wanted AND MORE!!

December 5, 2012

Today was such an AWESOME DAY! I first woke up at around 8:45AM … shared some pretty amazing Universe Energy with Beloved and then went downstairs to see Chris off to work. Then I went back up to my room and went back to sleep for a couple of hours … I woke up around 11AM… Beloved encouraged me to get up.

 “You said you wanted to take a walk today so you should get up and do that… “ he said to me. [then he smiled] I opened one eye and look out the window at the sky. Even though it was blurry I could tell that it was cloudy out.

“But it’s still cloudy … “ I complained … we had discussed the state of the sky earlier when I had first gotten up and I had complained then about it being cloudy, and he suggested that it wouldn’t be all day…

“You know it won’t be for long, so come on… ‘Yup, getup, comeon!! Let’s get moving! You can’t lay there all day!” he said excitedly, all with that irresistible face-splitting smile on his face – yeah, YOU know the one I’m talkin’ about! [grin]

“Alright, alright… “ I moaned. I don’t think he was convinced. (but then is he ever?) LOL

I got up had a cup of coffee and stared out the window up at the sky. And then I noticed – it was about noon by this time (okay, yeah it takes me THAT long to get out of bed…Love is funny that way ;-) ) – There was a sharp demarcation where the clouds (i.e. chentrail induced meteorological phenomena) ended and the deep blue sky began, and I thought to myself “Michael, you are SO clever!!! “ and he thought back at me “I didn’t do it, YOU did!” [proud smile] … and I thought, “Hmmm, so I did, so I did”. AND I noted how amidst the clear blue there were still chemtrail plains attempting to deposit their payloads – but to no avail!! The prevailing NW winds aloft were blowing the clouds DC-ward and on top of that, there were, I knew, “other influences” at work here. The chemtrails were disappearing almost as fast as they were being laid, leaving clear, deep blue skies in their wake  – no these weren’t “contrails”… you can tell the difference because chemtrails do typically last longer (as long as half a minute or so) even when our Galactic Brothers and Sisters are working hard to dissipate them. And I could just FEEL the Love!! An incredible, heart-palpable feeling of being-in-Love that just brings tears of Joy to your eyes! :-D

I realized that I would get to take my walk today after all – much welcomed after the last 4 and a half days of being wrapped up to try and bring some relief from this shoulder thing I did to myself 10 days ago… still having pain (especially when I laugh) but steadily getting better (as long as I don’t overdo it!). I was ready to get outside and get some fresh air!!

So I took my coffee cup to the dishwasher and put it in… stepped over to the back door and looked out the window there. I felt compelled to look up as I sometimes do, when they’re there (Lightships) and want to make their presence known. Right in the middle of the deep blue sky was a light ship, just hanging there, completely motionless, and shape-discernible (fully de-cloaked) as if to say “We know you know we’re up here, but here we are, just to make sure you know…”

I was so excited, I called out loudly to my roomy, Elaine, to come quick, hurry! Even though I know she doesn’t usually get too excited about “Lightships” anymore (because usually you can’t tell that they’re anything other than a big blob of light – but this one had shape! Sort of oval – from what I could tell – and casting a distinct shadow on the side facing away from the sun!), I knew she’d be excited to see THIS one!!  And while we were observing the ship, here comes a chemtrail plane, for all intents and purposes (from what we could tell anyway) at the approximate same altitude as the Lightship… almost as if the Lightship was facing-off with the plane, trying to send it some kind of warning maybe to cease and desist what it was doing… and just as with the other planes that were depositing chemtrails … the trail behind this plane now was disappearing almost as fast as it was being formed. WOW!

I ran to get my camera because this was just too good not to try and photograph… and as I went off through the house and upstairs I could hear Elaine giving me a blow by blow “Oh… now it’s starting to cloak” she said “But there are two more that are de-cloaking right behind the plane!” And as I reached my camera and grabbed it heading back downstairs I thought “Wow! Here is my chance to catch something REALLY noteworthy with this thing!!!” clutching my camera in my left hand.

But as fate would have it, by the time I got back downstairs – probably less than 30 seconds – both additional ships had re-cloaked … and the plane was making its way across the sky, with the trail it had been leaving greatly diminished. Our Brothers and Sisters of the stars like to do that … tease us as if to say… “now you see us, now you don’t… but  SOON  you’ll see us up close! Just be patient!” So no pictures this time (though I did get a couple of inadvertent pics of the white orb type Lightships while we were at the park), but gee, do you think the planes got the message? It’s interesting to note here also that last night, air traffic in the area was acting REALLY strange … almost like all the pilots either didn’t know what to do, or were inebriated or something … I’d never seen such a display… lots of planes coming in for a landing to the nearby airport (BWI) all at once and so many making weird sharp banking maneuvers, almost as if they were trying to avoid something (heh, maybe they were trying to avoid running into each other – I thought a couple times that I might actually see a mid-air collision… THAT’S how congested the sky was!!!).

Back to the afternoon today - after that show, the sky cleared off while Elaine (aka Charity) and I were on our walk and I wondered if something really grand has been taking place over the last few days… many people have been talking about the perfect weather in parts of the US that are usually below freezing with snow at this time of year (high temps on the upwards of 70+ degrees – even here in Baltimore, MD – today being December 5th!!). It feels very much so as if we and the Earth have made a HUGE transition into a much higher state of being… it just feels different… BETTER somehow, like the way we used to feel when we were little kids, with no worries, and that dizzy, giddy feeling that you get right before, as you’re waiting for some great day (like Christmas) to come around and you get to open all your presents realizing – no, KNOWING that you’re gonna get everything you’ve always wanted AND MORE!!

YES!! THAT’S how it feels!!

Even over and above my own vested interest in this whole Ascension process, I AM SO EXCITED FOR WHAT THE NEXT FEW DAYS HOLD I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF!!!!

Please feel free to comment if you feel the same way… and be sure to give details… if it’s too long for comments the I encourage you to create your own post and share share share… just as I have done!! We need more HAPPY in our world!!

Sending you ALL armloads of Ecstatic Joy for Unending Bliss in your Now Experience!!! ♥♥♥♥

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