Thursday, December 6, 2012

MAYHAP IT’S TIME – 12/06/2012

Well, I couldn’t sleep again last night/this morning… … what WAS I doing until just after 2AM when I felt compelled to go outside and stare up at the sky because the view from my bedroom window was confusing me (there I go… confused again LOL). It seemed that I could see stars, but also something else sort of a curdled haze of lighter color “space” like… well, like the Milky Way… hmmm…. Thought it might just be overcast I was looking at, despite the clear, deep blue skies earlier during the daylight…

I dunno… I had spent most of day yesterday working on my article “Everything You’ve Always Wanted” and then spent most of the evening creating my  photo montage for the article (that was fun) and then of course I posted it. Before I knew it, it was after 2AM … I didn’t feel tired. Ironically, I had also just read the Dec. 5th message from SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey where he stated that we won’t be feeling as tired, or needing nearly as much sleep/food/etc. as we have been used to the closer we get to year end…  well, I’ve had THAT sentiment drilled into my being enough times already lately! LOL I ended up going to bed at around 3:45AM but tossed and turned until probably 4:30AM and then got up feeling quite refreshed right around 8:00AM That’s VERY unusual for me!! LOL

So at 2AM I got up out of my chair, went downstairs, opened up the back door, stepped outside into the icy nighttime breeze, onto the porch and looked up. And OMG!! I have NEVER seen the sky SO clear, or the stars SO bright and profusely abundant here in the Baltimore area as they were in the wee hours of this morning!!! It was almost like being out in the country with NO city lights at all… and yet, there on the horizon, the usual “city glow”… whoa! What’s going on here? I just stood there for a few minutes taking it all in. And I slowly realized that the “curdled haze” I had been seeing from my bedroom window was actually billions and billions of stars!! It was like I was standing in a whole other Universe!! … Heheheh… maybe I was.

I was so excited I hurried back inside and woke up Elaine and Chris to have them come outside and see “something you don’t see every day” (well, at least in this area)… I even felt compelled to take a couple of photos – accompanying this post, though they didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped (haven’t figured out how to get good “nighttime” shots from my camera yet) but still, lots and lots of stars!!

As I look from my bedroom window this afternoon, as I type this, and see that the chemtrail planes have been busy again today, I wonder what’s in store for today/tonight… mayhap it’s time to have another Northerly breeze blow through? Or something even more splendiferous??? [wink] 


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