Tuesday, December 11, 2012

RENOVATIO - An Event of Rebirth

The following is a message that was sent to me on Facebook by one of my friends... it never ceases to amaze me how synchronicity works, and how messages like this find their way to just the right place at just the right time! Please read and SHARE WIDELY!! Thanks!!

"RENOVATIO: Latin; meaning, "an event of rebirth".

A Cosmic Contact Event is beginning and will take place during the next two weeks; a universal, positive life-changing event that incorporates Earthly, Extraterrestrial and Inter-dimensional Intelligent Life forms.

COPY this, and pass it On to everyone. Get up!! Rise up and participate!! ... You don’t want to miss any of this amazing occasion!!!

We have an opportunity, not only to witness the beginning of a new evolution for mankind and other intelligent Life

forms, but also to actively participate individually in its very conception and creation. This IS a real contact event.

YOU are being Called On Now- to simply take a moment out of your day, free your mind from its daily burdens, and open yourself up and allow the energies from the outer universe and our Star Friends to flow through you, filling your mind, your body and your spiritual soul with only the positive energy of fulfillment. A Divine destiny awaits your participation.

YOU are being asked, once you feel this enriched energy filling within you, to try to mentally focus it onto others, your family, your friends and community- filling them with the same warmth you are now being infused with. Mentally sharing this subtle loving energy...

The more you participate and practice this, the more you will begin to Experience and See the effects this will have on You, your personal world around you and the others who you focus it On.

You will begin to See the changes, and begin to Feel the energy changing as it happen all around you. Positive energy.

Energy of Love that will allow you to view all that has been hidden.

Once You have the power within your heart and your mind, You CAN move the universe around you. You will begin to See clearly many things you have never before seen. You will begin to experience this cosmic event physically.

THIS is all possible, but only if You take a moment- and try to open your heart and mind and make the connections happen for yourself, and for those you love. Something that WILL recharge and renew everyone around You.

For Once Here IS an Event We ALL Can be a part of. Join in! It will cost us nothing, unless we choose to do nothing. The choice is yours…

It is seriously Up to each one of Us. THIS is truly a genuine gift. All we have to do is open up our arms and our hearts and receive it… :-D

*ALL LIFE IS connected together- and together We can help each other survive. Thank you All for your energy...

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays …

God Bless you all- Sincerely, Dr. Jonathan"

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