Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feng Shui Principle: Broken Things Keep You “Broke”

Feng Shui Principle:
Broken Things Keep You “Broke”

You know, I’ve never been too much “into” the whole Feng Shui thing, however, I think I’ve hit upon a universal “truth” here that I feel needs to be brought to light.
About 5 years before I began the “awakening” odyssey in which I now find myself, I was first introduced to Feng Shui (back in 2004) when I was designing a website for a lady who had written a book on the subject. As I looked into it, I could see the logic behind some of the principles and really began to learn more about how ambient energies can affect our everyday lives.
One of those principles is that when you hold onto things that are broken and keep them in your possession, whether openly or covertly, you open yourself up to holding onto all kinds of “negative” vibes, and even drawing unwanted situations into your experience. Even if from a purely psychological standpoint the concept that keeping broken things within your field of perception, especially if they “belong to you” have a tendency to reflect “brokenness” back onto your psyche, leaving you with an “impression” of being “broken” or “broke” yourself…  So the Feng Shui answer to this, in order to rid one’s self of the possible effects of having these “negative” vibes double back on you and bite you in the butt, so to speak, is to simply either repair that which is broken, or in the event that it cannot be repaired, get rid it and if you so desire to replace it with something that is new and whole.
Okay well that being said, does it stand to reason that this is also true, and can be applied on a larger scale… say on a national scale, or even a global scale? I don’t think there’s anyone reading this who would disagree that, even worldwide, but especially here in the US, our governmental, political, financial, AND legal systems are interconnected. I also believe that there are few who would disagree that, for the most part, these systems are – or THE system is, if you prefer –uniformly, irrevocably and irreparably broken. That being the case, does it make sense to try and utilize one broken part of a broken system to “fix” another broken part of the same broken system, more than likely resulting in a part that is still broken, or does it make more sense to utilize Feng Shui principles, and (if we assume that it IS irreparable) throw the whole thing out in favor of something totally new and whole? Speaking in terms of energy conveyance, and those of you out there who understand how energy flow really works, it seems to me that the chances of bringing about positive changes in ANY situation are much better if you KNOW that the energy flow has been optimized…
And maybe instead of thinking about it too much, feel it out on your insides… what feels right to you?
Here are some links to some articles I found which may help to illustrate my points and help you to make sense of what I’m trying to say here…  They’re just a few examples… there are others.
Have a wonderful, wonderfilled, prosperous and positively energetic day!!