Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Need For Human Touch

Yes we are Divine Beings, and for those who know the touch of the Divine, it is something they will never forget. We are also human though... and it's one way of connecting to the Divine to connect with each other through physical contact with one another... and hand held, a true embrace (and I'm talking about ones that last longer than the typical 2 second variety ;-) ) a face caressed by a hand, shoulders gently rubbed to show we care... this is why little babies who are held and cuddled and stroked gently and lovingly thrive, whereas babies who are left alone and untouched except for the basic necessities do not, and in fact tend to decline.
We as human beings need human touch. I don't know why... maybe it's part of our innate knowing of what unconditional Love is that's built in. Maybe it's one thing that would help change the world if we would just tune into it... :-) Sending you all more heartfelt hugs ... ♥ ♥

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