Thursday, April 4, 2013

“Little Miracles”

“Little Miracles”


I went for a walk this afternoon ~ just got back. As you might expect I had headed down to the park to sit a while on my favorite park bench… Yes, I still do that. ;-) On the way, walking down the sidewalk I passed by all the houses that usually have flowers blooming in their yards by this time of year – well, this year Spring is quite late in coming. In fact, as I walked I remarked to “myself” about how bare all the shrubs seemed to be for April 4; not even any leaves. Yes, sure there were some daffodils blooming in a couple of yards, but all the flowering shrubs were completely bare, except for some leaves that still clung to branches still blackened from the winter frosts. I made special note of the forsythia hedges in one yard that are usually in full bloom by this time.*SIGH* Not a single sign of the blooms that were to come.  So, I continued on my way to the park, wondering about that, and how long it would be before we saw any signs of life from them. I made a conscious intent to spread some sunshine and sprinkle a little Love over the area, you know kind of like in cartoons when they show Mother Nature walking along and a swathe of springtime following after her.

I arrived at the park and sat on my favorite bench for a while until I got cold, and then I decided it was time to head back. I walked back home the same way I had come, going back past all the houses that I had passed on my way to the park. As I approached the yard that had the forsythia hedges that I had made particular note of on my way TO the park, I noticed that they were all flush with bright yellow! I reached the first hedge and saw that it was literally covered with little bright yellow buds that weren’t there when I was first walking down to the park!!! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes!! This was the very same hedge that had NOTHING, not even any leaves to speak of, on it not more than an hour before!! I walked past it and on to the other hedge that mirrored it on the other side of the yard I was walking past. Same thing; it was COVERED in little yellow buds, and in fact, they were so far along in their blooming process that I expect by tomorrow they will likely be pretty close to being in full bloom!! AMAZING!!! I wondered if maybe I was looking at different bushes than the ones I had made special note of on my way TO the park, if maybe somehow I had missed the buds getting ready to spring open on these, but no, in fact I wasn’t. I know this because although there ARE other forsythia bushes along the same sidewalk along the same street that I HAD passed on my way, these are the only ones that are specifically and carefully formed into hedges outlining the borders of the property they are planted on!! AND not only that, but in my attempt to possibly find the bushes that I MIGHT have seen instead on my way to the park, I found that ALL of the forsythia bushes along the sidewalk, all the way back to my house, were now covered in little, bright yellow buds, getting ready to burst open into full bloom!!!

And I wondered to myself “How did THAT happen??!!” and a familiar voice inside my head laughed and said, “You know very well how that happened!” and I laughed too and replied, “Oh yeah, I guess I do!!” Hahahahaha! How amazingly awesome is THAT??!! :-D

I’ll go for another walk tomorrow and take some pictures and put them up for you all to see! :-)

This picture of forsythia was taken in 2011 ~ these flowers were
blooming on the same hedge that I have written about above...

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