Friday, May 31, 2013

How Old Is YOUR Gift Horse?

How Old Is YOUR Gift Horse?

You’ve heard the phrase “never look a gift horse in the mouth”? It has long been a practice to try and determine a horse’s age by examining its teeth; as a horse ages it grows more teeth, pushing the others forward and even changing their shape, thus enabling one who is experienced to the task to be able to assess a horses age/value by looking into its mouth. The idea that you ought not look a gift horse in the mouth suggests that when given a gift, you should accept it for what it is, a gift (and in this day and age perhaps a rare commodity?), rather than trying to assess its value… (or perhaps more importantly, your own value, based upon what you think the gift is worth).

I know.

It’s been a long time hasn’t it?

There is a reason for that, and though I’m not going to go into details about what that is exactly, suffice it to say that I’ve been in the midst of learning a very important, if difficult lesson. One that really helps to solidify the reasons behind why we are where we are, currently experiencing what we are experiencing, when probably the majority of us would rather be experiencing … something else?

But what could that possibly be? Well, for starters, I know that many of us, perhaps myself included, had really hoped that we would be at a place by now where our lives had become significantly “easier”; that the difficulty of procuring a “livelihood” would have been at least reduced if not completely alleviated by now. Ah yes, we are just dreamers, you and I. Idealists existing under less than ideal circumstances – and yet, someone’s got to do it. Right? Where do you think we’d be right now if it weren’t for all of us dreamers out there?  Maybe nowhere at all?

Here it is the end of May, 2013… December 21, 2012 has long since come and gone and we seem to be no better off than we were before. In fact, from some points of view it would seem that we’ve actually gone backwards, YES BACKWARDS, because some of those of us who were hoping against hope for a quick fix with the “turning of the tides” were so sorely disappointed that seemingly NOTHING at all happened on that fateful date, and have actually reverted back to the way they had been before they subscribed to the notion that there is a better way of doing things, that mankind CAN get along and achieve a Joy based society and live in Peace for at LEAST a thousand years afterward. But what were they focusing on? What are they still focusing on? Are they focusing on this wondrous way of being as some ephemeral thing that is still somewhere “out there” in the future, or are they focusing on it being right here in our here and now experience, integral with our lives as we live and breathe at this very moment?

You can probably see where I’m going with this… or maybe not. I actually thought I might try to take it in at least a couple of directions at once and see what happens.

Some of us, at least, know that what we focus on tends to be what shows up in our experience. So what do you think is going to happen when you focus on something always being out in front of you, just out of reach? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, whatever it is will ALWAYS be just out of reach, as long as that is how you think of it?

So well now, let me digress a bit here and explain to you what it is that I have learned over the last year and a half or so.

I learned what the difference is between being given a precious gift and merely accepting charity. And yes I know you’re wondering “Well, what’s the difference?” The difference, I suppose is really in how one looks at it. In our society, it would seem that accepting “charity” has become in effect akin to accepting help when and only when you have no other choice; your life depends on it, you cannot survive without it. Well, that’s how some people view it anyway. What a fate! Hence, nobody wants to become a “charity case”; it’s like the ultimate stigma, that it somehow means you have failed! It is in effect becoming the man who is only able to survive another day because someone was generous enough to give him a fish. (Now do you see where I am going with this?).

And yet, believe it or not, charity cases often result from no less than false pride, wherein the person who ends up needing the charity is too “proud” to admit way before-hand that he needed help in the first place. How messed up is that?! He cites that “Oh no! I’m going to do this mySELF come hell or high water, because I don’t need you or anyone else to tell me what to do, or how to do it, NOR do I need you to do it for me! I’m perfectly capable of figuring it out on my own, thank you very much!” Are you now? Well, okay. That may very well be. But how long is it going to take you? Forever maybe? Or never – the two COULD be looked upon as being synonymous, you know.

Well, guess what? Hell is already “here”, and high water – or maybe your “perception” of it anyway - is close behind.

Would you rather be given a precious gift instead? What if the gift was simply knowledge? How would you feel about learning how to fish for yourself? You could feed yourself for a lifetime. Hey, at least when the high water gets here you’ll have a resource that many others don’t…  you could even say that the high water works in your favor, because the best fishes really prefer deeper seas to swim in. But what if instead your accepting the precious gift in the first place means that the high water never comes, and hell, well hell becomes something that we talk about in the past tense, and at some point becomes one of those “myths” in stories that are told around the campfire…  And yet with gaining the knowledge to do for yourself, even if someone else bestows it upon you as a precious gift, there usually comes a “learning curve” – time in which there is a “lag” between the point at which the knowledge is instilled and the point at which it becomes second nature enough that you can depend on it to “feed” you. What then? What do we do to fill the gap? Would you accept being given enough fishes for a few more days so that you don’t have to go hungry until you have completely assimilated the precious gift of knowledge that was given to you? Maybe the fishes might even be prepared in a gourmet recipe so as to help you get used to how you will eventually be preparing them yourself at some point in the very near future? Would you accept those “transitional” fishes along with the knowledge of how to get them and cook them yourself? Or would you refuse all that was offered because you are afraid of how it will make you look; that someone might see you as being stupid, unable to figure it out on your own; a failure?

What if, someone came along and invited you to embark upon the most wonder-filled opportunity you had ever been offered in ANY lifetime on this Earth? One that, should you choose to accept it would mean the return of abundance and Joy based living for ALL? Would you accept that precious gift, or would you turn it away, secretly believing that should you accept it you would be seen as a “charity case”; someone who couldn’t do for themselves because they didn’t have “the mind to”; because to be seen as a charity case would intern you in everyone’s eyes, a failure? People actually do that sometimes,  you know. Sort of like “cutting off your nose to spite your face”…  You’d rather suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune than to be falsely accused (or being seen as) a failure. And yet, doesn’t it stand to reason that by not accepting the precious gift on the pretext that you might be seen by your peers as a failure that you are potentially failing yourself; preventing yourself from living up to your own full potential? Giving yourself the benefit of the doubt? Accepting that you DO have some value in this existence besides what you can effectively “produce” in your meager lifetime... ?

Now taking this in a slightly different direction – what if all of us only accepted precious gifts based upon our perception that we are worthy of receiving them? How many people (maybe even yourself included) have you seen turn away a perfectly wonderful and legitimate offer, citing “Oh no, I could never accept that” Or maybe they’re really thinking “I could never repay that.” If it’s a gift, it’s a gift… you don’t accept a gift expecting that you will have to repay it at some point. And yet look at all of us who are brainwashed into believing that “incurring a debt” is a legitimate process and that repaying it plus interest is a fair practice! Let me ask you this; does the Universe REALLY expect you to pay it back plus interest for the privilege of experiencing life within it? Did you know (of course you do) that we here on Earth are the only ones who pay for the privilege of living here? And what of the ones out there who accept the gift and still have no idea what it’s really all about?

Yes, I know that there are those out there who perhaps have no sense of their own self-worth who would accept the gifts whatever the case. But what have you observed in your experience do people like that do with those precious gifts? Are they truly grateful for them, or do they squander them needlessly and then hold out their hands for more out of some feeling of “entitlement”? But aren’t they just as entitled as you or I? What they end up doing with the gift after they receive it is really up to them – or is it? We speak often these days of things only coming into being if they are for the greater good of all, so how can we know for certain that someone taking a precious gift and squandering it ISN’T for the greater good of all? It could perhaps show us, at the very least, what happens when a precious gift is accepted when there is no prevailing perception of having been worthy of receiving it in the first place. In fact it could be seen that the person who squanders such a precious gift and then holds out their hand for more, doesn’t even realize how telling it is of their own lack of self-worth when they treat the gift as if it were nothing at all. Nothing at all. No thing at ALL.

I read somewhere recently that gratitude is knowing that, whatever you have, it is enough.

Wow! THAT is pretty profound! Yes, we can say that we already know that, but how many of us actually put it into practice? And how exactly does THAT fit into what I am discussing here? Well, it’s another direction that I wanted to take this in – it all ties together eventually, so hang with me, be patient and it will all make sense. By the time I am finished you will understand exactly what I am driving at.

So how do we know when we have enough? When we get to the point where life becomes enjoyable, effortless and simply “being” is enough? Well, certainly!! But how do we get to that point when the society we currently live in and are a part of has us conditioned to thinking that we will NEVER have enough, and drives us to constantly be in search of more, in an effort to amass great quantities of wealth as insurance for the future? The future of what? Hmmmm…. And even now, when the average person, if they are “lucky” enough to do so, has to work 2, 3, sometimes 4 different jobs, to the point of exhaustion and certain premature death, just to make ends meet… to be able to afford the most basic of necessities? How do we get there from here? Some maintain that we might as well just make the most of what we have, while others believe that we are ALL doomed and that things will never get better. Still others believe that we CAN make things better if we ALL come together and work it out – to share our combined knowledge, some of it which has been kept as closely guarded secrets by a select few up to this point.

And then there are “others”, who through unconditional Love and understanding of us and where we currently reside in the grand scheme of things, would out of the kindness of their hearts and their great Love of Humanity, bestow upon us a precious gift – the gift of knowledge – requisite a few fishes to tide us over until the learning curve has been mastered of course. There are still so many however, along with those who have “backtracked” to their once held mindsets, who still maintain that we can do this ourselves without ANY outside assistance; that WE are the ones we have been waiting for. I cannot in good conscience contradict that wholly; after all, it really IS our responsibility to fix the mess that we have made for ourselves – and yes, we are as much responsible for the way things are as our purported would-be “controllers”. We could have said “NO!” to them emphatically a LONG time ago, but like good little children who are taught to “honor thy father and thy mother” (how many of us knows what THAT REALLY means??) did what we were told and never questioned it upon pain of mortal sin, need I say more?…  Yes, we are responsible too, but at what point do we understand that responsibility means taking into consideration ALL possible solutions to the problem? At what point do we understand that there IS a difference between accepting TRUE LOVE into our experience as a precious gift of knowledge, and having “false-pride” which leaves us disfigured (no noses), embittered and scrambling at the last few moments before we plunge over the cliff into the infinite void, trying to find a solution to our problems, on our own (which MIGHT take forever, come to think of it)? At what point do we realize that the precious gift we are being offered is NOT the same as what many of us have been inclined to perceive as charity?

So what AM I REALLY getting at here? And I know that some of you undoubtedly have figured it out already and are perhaps rolling your eyes and saying “Oh she’s on THAT kick aGAIN!!!”

Just FACE IT!! There IS SOMETHING/SOMEONE out there that has been kept hush-hush by our less than charitable world governments (some of them more so than others) who, now that the “post-apocalyptic” world is upon us, have seen fit to keep perhaps even more hush-hush than ever before. But I would add, who do they think they are fooling? And even I, who in recent days have insisted that it is no longer “us and them” but rather “WE”, am left wondering, when do we drop this charade? Most people in the developed and developing worlds have at least an understanding of the fact that Earth is NOT alone in Her teaming with diversity of Life!! Not to mention the fact that much of the life beyond the confines of Earth is of a more advanced variety!!

As a fully recognized member of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command, and holding an official seat on the Galactic High Council, I am coming forward to you with this information as I feel that I have “sat” on it long enough. I know that many of you are aware and have been so for quite some time (even prior to December 21, 2012) exactly what I am speaking of; that it is time to set aside the pettiness of false pride and accept the precious gift that we have been offered by our Extended Galactic Family. I want to assure you that, yes in fact, consideration HAS been given to the possibility that some of you may still want to “squander” such gifts, as has proven the case in the not too distant past, but in the discourse and dissemination of these gifts none the such will be the case as once the gifts are distributed – not the least of which will be our prominent and undeniable presence in your sphere – the prevailing vibration at such time will have reached a point as to negate any possibility of that happening.

Why is that you may ask? How can I be so certain?

Let me present a little scenario to you and see if you can integrate its concept into your being to help you understand:

The reality of our existence has been handed to us many times in the past as the concept of “in order for something to be created, first something must be destroyed”. No matter how many times I myself may have repeated those words I will share with you now that they have never truly resonated with me. Tell me how this strikes you instead: “Nothing is ever created or destroyed, it simply changes form…” this is based on the concept, and aptly so, that everything that ever was, is or will be has already been created. And THAT truly resonates with me. It’s part of the reality of the Infinite Universe (or Multiverse, however you choose to look at it). Everything just IS! No beginning, no end, complete circle, Infinity…

Now taking that concept “… it simply changes form” and applying it to the innate knowing that we all have, that we are no different than our Creator and perfectly capable of bringing whatever we want into our reality (precious gift of knowledge) then that translates into instant “gratification” and resultant gratitude. Why? Because, whatever we have, it will always be enough. How? By realizing that whatever it is that we want can be had simply by allowing whatever it is that we already have to change into that which we want. That would completely negate our reliance on anyone or anything “outside of ourselves” wouldn’t it? And what of money? Wouldn’t need it. What of charity? Wouldn’t need it. What of the desire to amass great quantities of wealth? It would cease. Imagine how the world would be if no one wanted for anything, not even Love, because Love is the basis of all Joy based living. It is the foundation upon which ALL rests – it effectively IS All That Is. And to know that there will always be enough we can share it, without attachment, universally, unequivocally, unconditionally.

OH! But I forgot! When we came here into these lives we are currently experiencing those were some of the things we opted to leave behind; our memory of Love and how to manifest instantly. So, where does this precious gift of knowledge come from then? Well, we could spend the rest of forever figuring it out for ourselves – and don’t get me wrong, we DO have forever in which to do that if we want to - but for those of us who have already been at this FOREVER (or at least it seems like it), and there are a plenty of us here now, we’d really like to re-member NOW! Enough of this experience of “duality” already… We want to go “home”! And I know just the Ones who can show us the way too! But the question is: will we accept the precious gift (of knowledge – learning how to fish), along with assistance during the transition from transactional based living to instant manifestation in the form of advanced technologies (requisite fish)? These are the very things that will assist us in our daily lives and enable us to move much more quickly to a Joy based society. No longer would we be dependent on anything other than simple manifestation (of “free” energy and replication of food and other material goods) as a means by which to procure it.

Love – the key ingredient. Everything is made from it. Even our perceptions of duality; good/evil, dark/light, male/female, above/below… it is the Yin and the Yang, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, existing everywhere… all at once. It simply IS.

Many here now believe that to achieve enlightenment, to become a “Master”, to Ascend, we must leave behind those which we have termed the “negative” qualities of our Human Nature. In reality, to do such a thing would mean no less than snuffing ourselves out of existence. You cannot have one without the other – it is the contrast between the two which allows us to perceive our own existence – and yet somehow, some way we are to integrate them both in such a way as to re-member our True Nature; that we are ALL ONE; God incarnate; The Source of All That Is dreaming that It IS – everything! Amazingly, all that is required to do this is to re-member how to balance the two. Everything in perfect balance = Heaven. Higher Vibration. Ascending to Higher Dimensional state of being. And in that state of being everything is more fluid, everything, including Divine Ecstasy, or Love as we’ve learned to call it (the way we have always felt in the presence of Divine Balance – aka God/Source/All That Is) flows more readily, becomes more accessible to us. Manifesting what we desire into our reality becomes effortless, and eventually instantaneous. There is no longer the need to struggle just to survive. Instead we thrive. And with that thriving comes great Joy, and more Love, which creates more Joy and more Love, and on and on endlessly… Love becomes the common denominator. Love IS EVERYTHING in perfect balance. And Love IS the predominant vibration of our Extended Galactic Family. When they are fully with us, so too will Love be, and vice versa.

So, can you see the advantages to accepting such a gift?

Does it make any sense to keep looking this gift horse in the mouth or can we now accept it for the truly precious thing that it is?