Friday, June 14, 2013

OH DEER! I Feel Especially Blessed Today!

I Love my morning walks! And today was no exception… I didn’t get up quite as early as I had planned ~ was gonna try it at about 6:30AM (on account of the county road crews being out and about around 7AM resurfacing the roads in my neighborhood… I’m never quite sure when they’re gonna repost no parking signs wherever it is that I have my car parked, and consequently need to check on it every morning before 7 so I can move it if I need to… If it doesn’t need moving then I just continue on my way and take my walk). I just couldn’t get out of bed that early this morning however. It’s been really difficult to get up that early anyway because it seems like over the last week especially I have been having difficulty falling asleep until about 2 or 3AM even if I’ve been up since 6:30.

So this morning I got up at 9:30. Oh my! I hoped that my car was still there! Come to find out, they actually WILL tow your car away if it’s in the way when they get to it – I watched as they towed the neighbor’s car a couple of days ago. That was too bad. I felt sorry that there wasn’t anything I could do. Sadly, I don’t think that the neighbor was even home at the time – they DO make an honest effort to make people aware that they need the cars moved before they take it to that extreme (I’ve watched while on my morning walk as they’ve gone from house to house knocking on doors to get people to come out and move their cars). Well, good news!! My car was still there!! Yay!! I exchanged a brief conversation with one of my neighbors who had come out to check on his own car and was wondering when the county might be done with its “mess”. I told him I didn’t know exactly, that after they laid this “wedge layer”, as the workers refer to it, they still have to go through and put a “cap” layer on. That will bring the pavement up to the level of the new gutters they put in a couple of years ago and provide proper drainage… I mentioned to him that I thought the sidewalks in the area really needed fixing worse than the road did. He agreed with me. I suppose though that since the road budget had already been voted on and approved the year before, it’s the roads they’re gonna fix while they have the money. Which interestingly, according to one of the workers I talked to who was putting up no-parking signs a couple of weeks ago, is already running out in East county, and East county is having to borrow money from North county to finish the job… I wonder what will happen when they run out of money altogether and the roads haven’t even got the wedge layer put on yet … now THAT would be a mess! Even now it’s like driving to my grandmother’s house way back when I was little and she lived on a gravel road… we always knew when we were almost there because suddenly the ride would get really rough!! Hahaha! THOSE were the days!
Well, I continued on my walk. The part of the neighborhood I went through already had its “wedge layer” down so it was nice to have new pavement to walk on. Very smooth! I was even able to walk a LOT faster than I had been the last few months; that pain in my right big toe joint having vanished for the most part over the last couple of weeks. ;)  Glad I skipped that ice cream before going to bed last night!! ;)
Eventually I arrived at the circle where my favorite park bench is, and I sat down on it. I pondered a moment and then mused with Michael about why I was even there… he said “It’s because you like it!” And I have to agree with him… I DO like it… especially there… even though they keep mowing down the center circle where all the wild flowers used to grow. Now it’s a kind of a soggy swampy mess because there is no vegetation there to soak up the rain water when the summer torrents come like they have the last several days. Well, the dragonflies like it anyway though so I guess it’s still good! :) I sat there for a while listening to all the birds – I don’t think I’ve ever heard – or seen - so many birds in the area prior to this year. Vibrations are really high!! I looked off across the circle and saw one of the many resident hawks circling in the sky. I always seem to see one just as I’m thinking about Michael… interesting. I think he likes to emulate things with wings. Haha! Then as my gaze wandered down to the tree-line, I caught a glimpse of something that was a little out of place of the green foliage of the trees about 100 feet or so away from me. There sitting on a limb of a tree in the forest was a vaguely oval shaped light beige colored object. I wasn’t sure what it was at first so I just sat there and watched it, suspecting that it might be one of my hawk friends sitting there. I glanced up into the branches of the tree just to the left of it, and spied the gauzy swathe of a tent caterpillar’s nest that I had noticed a couple of weeks ago. It hadn’t changed much. I compared it to the beige oval that was still sitting in the tree to the right of it – no comparison. The beige oval DEFINITELY was NOT a tent caterpillar’s nest!! Haha!
While I was making my observations, I heard Michael’s voice asking me in his <you’re being silly again aren’t you> kind of voice “What are you looking at?!” and I replied, “well, I think I’m looking at a hawk… but maybe it’s really YOU!!” LOL No reply… typical. Haha! But as I was watching, as if to answer my question once and for all, the hawk lifted his wing and preened his feathers for a few seconds. Awww what a lovely sight!! He was SO pretty, and I sat there for the next several minutes admiring him and telling him how Beautiful he was. He sat there, facing me for a good long while. Maybe he was watching me. I don’t know. After a few minutes he turned around with his back to me. I wasn’t sure … I thought maybe he was a fledgling who hadn’t taken his first flight yet because he just sat there. Then after a few more minutes he turned back around facing me again. I continued to “oo and ah” over him telling him what a Beautiful bird he was, and said to him that if he wanted to he could come over and visit with me on the bench. Well, of course, he just sat there. Hawks are kind of shy that way. ;)
On my way to the park today it had been mostly cloudy and so I had fun singing my “Blue Skies and Sunshine” song that I made up almost 3 years ago now (dedicated to “you know who” ;) ) for a little while as I walked. When I sat down on the bench it was still mostly cloudy, and in fact seemed like it might cloud over and rain before I could walk back home again. But I knew a quick fix for that… seems to work every time… I continued singing “Blue Skies and Sunshine”… Hahaha!
Blue skies and sun – shine and
Birds singing in the trees
Grass growin’ and breezes blowin’ and
You makin’ Love to me…
I wanna go where the feelin’s mellow
I wanna be where vi-bration’s high
I wanna be with my favorite fellow
Way up high in the blue sky…
The hawk just sat there still facing my direction. Hey, maybe he liked it?! Haha! I sang the song a couple more times for assurance, and then just sat there for a few more moments watching the hawk. It sat up and ruffled its breast feathers, then settled back relaxed on the branch. Oh I wished I would have brought my camera with me!! What a wonderful photo opportunity that would have been… and there were more to come… next time though.
My attention was momentarily diverted by a swift that suddenly came flying out of “nowhere” and skimmed bugs from the air about 2 feet above the surface of the circle vegetation ~ strange because they usually only come out in the late afternoon, or at dusk, but not at 10:00 in the morning! I wondered about that for a moment – I had noted the strange vortex phenomenon that I had described to a Facebook friend a couple of days ago that was present when I had first sat down on the bench. I described it to my friend as if I take my own little dimensional portal with me wherever I go, and sometimes when I’m sitting relaxing and just staring off into “space” this little “whorl” develops right around the center of my field of vision… everything in the center of my field of vision remains stationary and in focus, but everything around the edges spins around… this is what had been occurring ever since I had sat down on the bench on this day. Happened while I was watching Mr. Hawk, happened as I watched the dragonflies buzzing by, and happened as I was looking at nothing in particular ~ Very High Vibrational Day!!
Just then I heard this AWFUL sound coming from behind me… sounded almost like a woman screaming, and I thought “Oh Lord! What is happening now?!” cuz I’ve never experienced ANYTHING out of the ordinary, other than various wildlife being attracted to my occasional singing and toning, and I’ve never ever been “afraid” while I have sat there in the circle on my favorite bench. Still I supposed that anything is possible, and as I went to turn around and see what it was that had made that awful noise, there was a rustling in the weeds coming from behind me. There, with its white tail raised high in alert, was a deer leaping over the scrubby brush in the part of the area than had been left natural. But it wasn’t really “running” away – rather it almost appeared to be… playing??? oKAY! And I thought I’d pretty much seen it all. It was really close by too… like maybe less than 50 feet away!!! At one point it stopped and turned around and looked at me as if it was wondering what I was going to do next… and then it opened its mouth and made that terrible noise again and turned and leaped away into the woods screaming the whole way…. But again, it didn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry… VERY odd. And then I wondered how she had come to get so close to me in the first place, sitting there in broad daylight in mid-morning singing my song… and then it hit me. She was attracted by my singing, and came to investigate to see what I was, and when I stopped singing and had turned my head slightly when the swift came flying by, she realized that I was a person sitting there!! Hahaha! I had experienced something similar when I was walking in the circle in the late fall last year when there was a pair of foxes that were scouting the border of the woods there close to the circle. They stopped and looked at me and just stood there, and so to see what would happen, I stood there looking back and began toning to them, and they both just stood there for a few moments…. One even came a little closer to investigate… and then they both wandered off slowly into the woods… I sat there in wonder for the next few moments wondering what it is about my singing that is so attractive to animals...
Off across the main part of the park I spied a jogger. He hadn’t crossed the bridge on the path that leads to the circle yet, but I could tell that was coming my direction. I didn’t really want company just at that moment, but I figured he wouldn’t be around for long… he seemed pretty dedicated to keeping up his pace. So I sat there and waited for him to go past. He greeted me pleasantly, saying “Good morning!” to which I responded with my own “Good morning!” and then he jogged past on around the circle…
He was most of the way around the circle when he suddenly reversed directions and came back … and I thought that was sort of odd, but sometimes joggers will do things like in the circle, using it as a kind of tool to pace themselves. As he reached me he looked at me again… didn’t say anything but put his hands up as if to say “I don’t know…” okay… know what? As my gaze followed him on around the circle back the direction he had originally come from, I watched to see if he would continue on out of the circle or would he turn around and come back around again? Nope, he continued on out of the circle, and it was then that I realized why he had turned around in the first place – there, just coming up to the edge of the circle was a doe… I believe it was the same doe who had gone running off into the woods just a few minutes before. With the jogger no longer in the circle area, she came right up to the pavement directly across from where I was sitting, and just stood there looking at me. She seemed a little wary, uncertain whether or not she should stick around, but too curious to try and find out “what” I was. Again, she was very close, probably no more than 40 or 50 feet away. Alert, she really looked me over trying to make certain that I wasn’t a threat. And I looked at her and told her how Beautiful she was… and indeed she was very Beautiful!! Haha! (The hawk who had been sitting in the tree back in the forest was still there watching the whole thing…). I don’t know why, but for some reason, I felt compelled to sing the “Blue Skies and Sunshine” song again… maybe just to see what she would do. And she just stood there mesmerized, looking and me, her ears wiggling a little bit as she listened. At one point she lifted up her hind leg and scratched an itch up by her ear… I stopped singing and told her a couple more times how Beautiful she was, and then a man who was walking his dog through the park was making his way across the bridge, which of course spooked my “deer” friend, and she ran off into the woods, her white tail held high in warning that an intruder was nearby. As the man and dog walked along the opposite side of the circle from me (where the doe had been standing just moments before) the dog struggled on his leash wanting to follow where the doe had run off to. But the man held him and guided him toward the path that leads into the forest where the tree that the hawk was sitting in is… and the hawk, also spooked by the man and his dog, flapped his wings and took off from his treetop perch and flew away…
By this time blues skies and sunshine had become a reality. A breeze aloft had come up from the North and blown all the clouds away!! I LOVE that song!! Hahaha!! :D I thought that perhaps I should make my way home as it was starting to get pretty warm – or it felt like it anyway; it was a mere 61 degrees when I had first started out on my walk, but the decided lack of clouds made it warm up quickly. Michael suggested that it might be a good idea to make my way back also, so I did. I took my sweater off and headed back. As I rounded the far side of the circle, I looked back into to woods to see if I could maybe catch a glimpse of the doe if she was still nearby, but no, she was gone.
However, there WAS icing for this cake!! As I crossed the bridge heading out of the circle and toward the street that would eventually lead me home. There is a patch of lawn between the paths of the park as they come together right there. In the middle of that patch of grass, I noticed this Beautiful yellow flower that was sitting low in the grass… and then it started moving!! And I realized that it wasn’t a flower at all, but a little goldfinch that was sitting there snacking on something he had found in the grass there! I stopped in my tracks and stood still because goldfinches are notoriously shy also and they fly away at the slightest movement from a hundred feet away… I was a LOT closer to him than that though… about 15 or 20 feet away!! It was almost as if he didn’t even know I was there!! AND THEN; “frosting flowers” for the icing on this cake – his mate came flying down and landed right next to him, and the happy couple sat there and had lunch together while I watched, until the sound of a red-winged blackbird made me turn my head and startled the two goldfinches who tweeted a couple of times as they flew up and off into the safety of a nearby tree…
Okay, well, maybe I’m kinda silly for making such a big deal out of my experiences being out in nature, but I really consider having had the opportunity to see so many awesome things today a real treat, and I just wanted to share with you how happy it made me! I hope you have enjoyed reading. Next time maybe I’ll be lucky enough to have my camera with me and I can take some photos for you – the one I have posted here was taken on an earlier walk to the park…

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