Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Return of Moxie - Part V

[Note: there was a bit of a delay in my posting all these different parts, and that is why you'll note the dates that I give in this last part are off from when I've actually published it... just so you know.]
Today is October 24, 2013 (wee hours of the morning really… it’s just after midnight here). The night before last (October 22) I must have been having some arbitrary thoughts of missing Michael… That’s not too unusual… of course you know I want to BE with him, not just as a Soul Essence, which we DO experience all the time anyway, and don’t get me wrong it IS AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL, however, experiencing each other in the “physical” (as ALL Twin Flame couples are destined to do if we are incarnate at the same time, which technically speaking Michael and I are, it’s just that he’s in 5D and well, I “was” in 3D – I’ve actually been going back and forth quite a bit lately; one reason I’d really like to make the shift permanently at some point soon here because I’m “feeling” quite worn out as a result) is something that both of us have been looking forward to.
He looked at me and said to me “You know…” and then he started crying (yeah, I do seem to have a “unique” ability to “visualize” him in such a way (and it always just tears my heart out when I see him like that) – it’s always been that way, even way back when I was a teenager; I’ve always been able to “see” him) then he put his left index finger on my heart (he’s left handed) and he said “I’ll always be right here…” all I could do was just “hold” him (yes, I “feel” him too) and console him… (yeah, I know what you're thinking "just like in the movie "ET") all I could do was just “hold” him (yes, I “feel” him too) and console him… When I asked him why he was so sad he explained to me that, just as I have been missing him so much especially in recent days, he was missing me and wishing we could be “together”…
Then upon waking yesterday morning (October 23) as I lay in bed with Michael (in Essence) near me as always, I was still thinking that I sure wished I could go up to his ship and just BE with him there for a change – no more of this “long-distance” stuff – of course I’ve been there plenty of times, just not typically in a physical capacity, and of the times I HAVE been there “physically” I don’t usually remember much of what went on… we opt for it to be that way. It makes coming back easier… 
He said to me “You always want to come up to my ship, why don’t you ever invite me to come down there and stay with you for a while?” and I realized that all the reasons I may have cited in the past for not having him come here were really “no reasons” at all, and so I asked him, “Would you? No, really, would you like to come and stay with me here for a while? I don’t know where we would put you up, but I’m sure we’d think of something. My bed isn’t very big, so I don’t know that it would be very comfortable for you, but I don’t mind sleeping on the sofa if you want to sleep in my bed. Or maybe, since I know that Chris has slept in my bed before reasonably comfortably, maybe he’d be willing to let us sleep in his bed and he could sleep in my bed. Of course, Chris’ bed might still not be big enough even just for you… “ (incarnate as Ashtar Sheran, he’s a pretty big guy, standing nearly 8 feet tall, so a twin bed (like mine) is really not going to accommodate him, and even a queen-sized bed (like Chris’) may not be big enough…  but he just smiled and said “we’ll manage” and I got the sweetest image of him, dressed in light blue cotton PJ’s, snuggled up next to me in Chris’ bed… hmmm, nice, warm fuzzy feelings…
And then he asked me, “What would you like to do while I’m visiting you?” and quite automatically I thought of all the things that I Love to do mostly when I’m just by myself… or sometimes when I’m with Chris… and I started listing them all off:
-          Go for a walk to the park
-          And we could take a blanket with us and lay on the grass and look up at the sky (weather permitting of course)
-          Then we could walk a little further and sit together on my favorite park bench, and talk like we do so much of the time now – only we’d actually be “together”
-          And then we could go for lunch at this little out of the way sushi restaurant that I really Locve – providing I could fit him into my car (I drive a Mustang) though he seemed to think that once again we’d manage (if we put the passenger seat all the way back in a full recline??)
-          And then we could go for a walk in the arboretum not far from the sushi restaurant
-          And then we could go shopping at Wholefoods… just because I think that Wholefoods can be fun to shop at (though the one in my area has left something to be desired lately…so maybe not)
-          And then we could come back home and sit in the back yard enjoying the rest of the afternoon just being together drinking tea or one of my fruit juice concoctions I like to make in my Healthmaster blender…
-          But mostly just BEing together…

… and don’t get me wrong, making Love with Michael is still high on my list of things I Love to do with Michael, but mostly I just Love being with him, whatever form that “being” takes on; I Love BEING with him…
And then he looked at me and he said to me “do you realize that in your visualization of most of those things you’d like for us to do together, that you and I were the only ones present?” And as I thought back on it I realized that he was right. I just want to be with HIM. I don’t want to be with him with a throng of people looking on gawking at us (although I do realize that the fact that he's taller than most people here might draw some fleeting glances from people). THAT was the farthest thing from my mind… I just want to spend time with him and me alone together doing stuff that we like to do… at least I’m “pretty” sure he’d like to do the same kinds of things I like to do… Heheh.
Maybe I’ll turn him into “Farmer Michael” after all and get him to help me plant flowers or something like that … he says “Not a chance!” (at one point I thought maybe we could live together in a little farm house with a white picket fence, and have a little farm where we’d grow vegetables and have a cow and some chickens and ducks and bunnies and stuff…. You know, farm stuff like that… and I used to sing to him “Farmer Michael had a farm Ee ei ee ei oh…” well… he used to pretend he was okay with that thought, but come to find out, in reality he’s not too keen on it at all… LOL. Too funny! I still kid around with him about it sometimes though. Heeheehee).

He continued by saying “do you know that you have proven to yourSELF, once and for all, beyond a shadow of a doubt that your Love for me IS Unconditional, True Love, and has NEVER been about arrogance or based in egotism as some people have tried to get you to believe about yourself. And I realized that he’s right! What with ALL that he and I have been through, and ALL the perceptions that seem to be more important to other people than they are to me OR him, and what I would be willing to let go of because of True Love, I now know (as I've always known really) what True Love is really all about.
It’s all about Joy and unattached giving and receiving, and when we experience Joy within those acts of giving then we are in fact receiving Love by default simply for the Joy of seeing the Beloved in Joy… and when I refer to the “Beloved” I refer to ALL Beloved Souls, not just the ones of our Twin Flames… this is something that we ALL deserve to experience… just because it IS… there is no other reason… it’s how it has always been meant to be. Only by coming into our “dualistic state” in the 3rd Dimension have we ever known anything other than a perception of the pure Essence of True Love… yes it IS a fact that in the 5th Dimension, and even to some extent in the 6th and higher Dimensions that we still can experience other feelings and emotions besides Love but they are fleeting at best. By bringing them all into balance, which is the whole concept behind being an “Ascended Master” in the first place (and I’ll go into that in more detail at another “time”) it is not to DESTROY the “ego” or sense of self, but rather to integrate the higher sense of I AM into that which we previously had experienced as our “sense of self” in our “denser” existence. And as far as “egotism” or a sense of “arrogance” goes... well those actually become non sequitur as there is no need for us to have a show of airs in an environment where ALL are recognized as equals in Unconditional Love…
So, this is how “Ariel” got her groove back; the return of Moxie indeed! Maybe should change my name to Moxie… LOL… nah… I think Ariel suits me.
I DO have a LOT of Moxie left however; and I’m not talking about the soft drink!! I have a LOT left to say… and even though you and I might deem it unnecessary at this point, still others who may not be as far along their path might find a message or two from Michael via myself quite useful… who knows, maybe the rest of us might get something out of them too… we’ll see. At the very least, I can bestow some of my own insights upon the world. I could ask, do you really want me to? But then does it really matter whether you do or not?
I have a lot to say, and I’m going to say it, just because I can… and I’m quite comfortable with the fact that no one HAS to like it. I do… that’s what matters.
I’m baaaaaack...!!! [bright-shining-like-the-sun-smile]

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Return of Moxie - Part IV

I find it POIGNANTLY revealing of the general mindset at the time that in the last moments of 2012 people were going through the motions, repeating (again, almost by rote) the concept that the key to manifesting into our reality ALL that we want is simply having the perception that it “ALREADY IS”… and I suppose that some would use the excuse that this is kind of hard to do when you are trying to manifest something that you’ve “never experienced before”… Oh really? Is that so, that you’ve never experienced Ascension before, or rather is it more simply that you are not “allowing” yourself to remember having experienced it?

You see, THAT is REALLY what this is all about; REMEMBERING! It has nothing to do with “finding” Love or “preparing” to Ascend, but rather it has to do with not only REMEMBERING Love, but also that you ARE LOVE, and you don’t need to do ANYTHING in order to Ascend, except to remember that you are ALREADY Ascended!! How can that possibly be you ask? It’s because time is not now, nor has it ever been!! Forget about any perception you might currently have that it’s linear… in reality, it just ISN’T … doesn’t exist. How you are currently perceiving it is in fact an illusion that YOU created for yourself. But you already knew that didn’t you? You didn’t know? Well now you do!! AND It is MY sincere KNOWING that if we can do one (remember Love), we can do the other (remember that we are already Ascended), as simply as that; remembering. How many of you have jokingly told your friends “I DO know everything, I just can’t remember it all at once!”… Oh if you only realized just how true that statement is!! REMEMBER!

REMEMBER?! What is that? How do we do that? … Some people call it “imagination”.
I just Love what Pablo Picasso said, “If you can imagine it, it’s real!”, and he was absolutely right!! Where do our imaginings come from if they aren’t real (or weren’t at some point for those of us stuck thinking in terms of linear time)? They have to come from somewhere don’t they? In fact, it’s a collective consciousness – the sum total of everything that ever was, is and ever will be, everything all at once! THAT is what we pull our ideas from. Not just shared thoughts and feelings, but experiences too! That IS, after all one of the main reasons why we are here, why we were created in the first place, isn’t it? To EXPERIENCE? Nothing more, nothing less and when you learn to draw from that wellspring of inherent, intuitive and infinite knowledge unquestioningly then by golly you have stumbled upon the main answer to the question of Life itself!! Why are we here? And what IS the answer? It’s Love of course.

And OH what Love can do to you, for you, with you!!! It will tear you apart and break you down and then build you back up again to be stronger than you EVER were before, than you EVER thought possible!! It will lift you up to the very heights of “Heaven” itself, if you can just allow yourself to flow into it… with it. You are currently looking at and reading the creative efforts of a living example of what Love can do… yes, that’s right, ME! It will bring you to a state of being where you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Love you have inside of you is the most important thing you will EVER experience, and that within that Love ALL things are possible – remember, it’s like I’ve already said; it is what you are made of.

I have already stated at the beginning of this article, and though I’m reiterating myself again, I’ll state (again) that this journey has not been an easy one for me. There have been a lot of instances where I felt like I was in the middle of some kind of tug-of-war, some kind of competition that I really had not anticipated at all in having been made aware of my own True Nature not to mention all the others out there who either think that Michael is “their” Twin Flame, or think that “they” are Michael incarnate or embodiments of or “avatars” for Michael, or any of a host of other combinations of “realities” that could exist… okay, why not? We live in an infinite Universe don’t we? And even confined here in this tiny space we call Earth, still with each of us virtually being a Universal Dimension unto ourselves, then literally ANYTHING is possible, right? And still, even knowing this, in the beginning I found any of those ideas VERY difficult to accept; in fact it made me down right uncomfortable, to the point of angst, anger, and maybe even jealousy to a degree, but one thing remained True for me, and that was how I felt about this amazing “being” whom I had remembered quite spontaneously one day as being Michael – Archangel Michael… yeah, okay, so “some people call him Ashtar Sheran” … it’s just a “title”… that’s like saying that I AM the name I was given at birth… it means nothing… though neither does calling him “Michael”. No, what we endeavor to define with a spoken word as a name, is really a flash of light at a specific frequency, so as to look upon it with the human eye, it appears blue, or sometimes blue-violet. He is pure energy, just like ANY of us are, whether we are incarnate or not. We are NOT our name; we are our ESSENCE. And within that Essence exists the Essence of Pure, Unadulterated, Unconditional Love, within EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US AND IN FACT WITHIN EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS, even beyond what we can sense with our 5 physical senses!!

I came to a realization not long ago as I was contemplating the preposterousness of some people’s flexing of ego and what seems to be how they would like to “lay claim” to such a thing as Love… how can you possess that which you already ARE? Love just IS, like everything in our experience. I thought about how it has made me feel every time someone has come to me and refuted my “claim” that I am Archangel Michael’s Twin Flame, for one reason or another – usually because THEY want to be his Twin Flame. And it strikes me; they don’t really know me, do they? Never took time to get to know me, did they? In many cases they have allowed their view or opinion of me to be shaped by what someone else told them. I can understand how that happens though. In an effort to do what only comes “naturally” to us as a part of “being Human” we look for ways to define everything, even if it doesn’t need to be, or can’t be defined. Okay, that’s all well and good, but do they really have to seek me out and confront me over it? And I would like to point out that THAT is something I myself have NEVER done… sure, gradually, little by little I became aware that there were others out there saying the same kinds of things about themselves that I was telling the world about myself, but I just let it be. I never felt the need to confront any of them over it. Sure, I felt insecure about their existence at first and I have even done my share of having doubts and crying and feeling anger over it, but I never confronted any of them. Over the past two or three years I’ve come to the realization also that for someone to do such a thing (especially when they do it publically) only belies their Faith in their own Truth…

And in the midst of my recent contemplation of all that I’ve been through with regard to these feelings, I just wanted to escape; to go back to a more innocent time, before all of this came to the forefront of my understanding about myself, maybe even back to before I ever remembered that he is Michael… back to when I still called him by the name I had given him some 36 years ago by now… back to when, to ME at least, he was just some “space guy” who I happened to be madly, deeply in Love with… I didn’t know why back then… I still don’t know exactly why now – I just AM. And it wouldn’t matter to me whether or not I had any perception of my OWN True Nature either… It didn’t matter to me back then, why would it matter to me now if I didn’t even know?

It’s like when he first told me “Some people call me Ashtar Sheran…” when I first asked him what his “real” name was (before I remembered him as being Michael)… of course part of the criteria of our Soul Contract was that he couldn’t tell me outright what he was called… I had to remember on my own… but that aside, knowing him as Ashtar Sheran was not something that I wanted to do… until I thought about for a while… thought about how I had felt about him from the beginning – when he first came to me when I was a teenager and placed within my consciousness the “concept” of what I interpreted as “Soul Mate” (as I had no concept of “Twin Flame” at the time)… I never questioned that… I didn’t need to because I could FEEL that it was true – it was just something I knew instantly -  and I considered how he had treated me prior to that moment when we more recently reconnected after so much “time” had gone by… I realized again, it wasn’t anything about HIM that had changed, it was my “perception” of him that had changed when he told me what some people call him… and maybe that perception changed again when I called out his “name” (Michael) on that fateful day when I just happened to remember all on my own what it was. I know now that THAT was the reason he couldn’t tell me what he was called – because my change in perception at the point of my learning the Truth could have forever changed the nature of our “relationship” if I wasn’t able to realize that a “name” was just a “perception” of who he is. And I realize now why it was also so vitally important that my perception of him initially be based in True Love and not some “mythological” definition of who everyone else thinks he is. And again, thinking back to when he was just my “space guy”, I would Love him the same today as I did then had I never remembered him as being Michael.
~~ Yeah… that’s my guy… my space guy. He lives on a spaceship somewhere in orbit around Earth… I don’t really know exactly what he does up there, but there’s a whole crew of other “space guys and gals” he interacts with on a daily basis. They’re really nice to each other up there. They come in all shapes and sizes and even races – some of them by Earth standards are kind of funny looking, but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of judgment between any of them up there based on how they look or act. I think sometimes it would be a really nice place to live… In fact, I think I’d like to just go there and live with him just so I can BE with him just because it feels so good just to BE with him. ~~

Yep, in fact I have decided that if one day it came down to it and it looked as if there was destined to be some sort of “showdown” or something between all the other “Twin Flames” to see who would walk away with “Michael” on their arm, I’d just stand back and let them have at it, watching while all those ladies duked it out amongst themselves over him, knowing all the while that my Love is safe with my “space guy”, and that is all that matters to me… I would still walk away with my “space guy”, my version of “Michael” in my heart…


[…to be continued…]

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Return of Moxie - Part III

I realized not too long ago, when someone asked me if one’s Twin Flame will only be attracted to one when one starts Loving oneself, how it is that Michael came to me the first time when, in fact, I was thinking of doing the unthinkable, ending my own life, exactly how deep Love of Self can go. That it’s not limited to just what we think of as accepting ourselves unconditionally, but can also be extended to acts of mercy in acceptance of our perception that nothing else will help us to feel better about ourselves… yeah I know, sounds kind of convoluted doesn’t it?  

Most people, even now, do not view the ending of one’s own life as an act of Love… but when you think about it – or maybe even just feel it – really maybe it could be. I know now that in my own instance this is how it was, because it WAS one of my first expressions of Love to myself; in an attempt to assist and nurture myself one last time, and end the pain that to me was so unbearable, I would have shown myself mercy that I felt at the time could find nowhere else. Yes, the fact of the matter is, and one thing that I did not include in my bio – About Me – as I was looking out my bedroom window when I was 14 years old “contemplating my existence”, I wasn’t merely contemplating my existence, but rather also what it would be like if I just didn’t exist at all. Yes, even back then I was thinking about doing the unthinkable.  And I know that some would only see that as being just “selfish” and not unconditional acceptance of one’s self. But maybe, just maybe it is; because in that moment of wanting to end, perhaps it is the Essence of the Soul calling us home, letting us know that beyond where we are, is an existence in which we aren’t judged, and most especially where we’ll never judge ourselves the way we had been taught to while we were here…

But why? Why end it all at a point where I should have been in the prime of my youth? Does there always have to be a reason? There were lots of reasons actually; I was lonely (had been most of my life) – sure I had a best friend, and we did spend a lot of time talking on the phone as I recall, but we really only saw each other in school and sometimes on weekends. She lived quite a ways away from me and I guess that my parents didn’t think I was old enough to ride the city bus by myself, not at that point anyway. My mom was going through menopause at the time (yeah, same time I was going through puberty… now you wanna talk about HELL ON EARTH?!) … on top of that Mom suffered from other health and emotional issues, so at a time when Mom should have been my best friend, we really didn’t get along or talk much at all. The few times I did go to her with things I needed to talk to SOMEONE about, I didn’t get very far. And in at least one instance she actually was the catalyst of a nervous breakdown I had. That was a really difficult experience. I really had no one to turn to due to the “stigma” I was conditioned back then to believe one was likely to suffer by talking about that kind of thing openly, ESPECIALLY to a counselor. It seemed like I was always on the verge of tears… not to mention that even before Michael approached me for the first time back then I was going through a “preliminary” awakening that I really didn’t understand at all… I experienced all kinds of mental stirrings and psychic phenomenon that I didn’t understand. There was no one to talk with about that either who would understand and could help me through it. I was raised in a strict Catholic upbringing and it was impressed upon me at an early age that, while one might experience things like that, you just didn’t talk about it because it could be viewed as “Spiritualism” or conjuring of the “spirit world”… Oh if they could only see me now!! Life was pretty rough for me back then. Yeah, there were a few fond memories here and there but as I saw it, not enough to make up for the low opinion I had of myself. Lots of blows to my self-esteem, and yet were you to ask my other family members how life was for me back then, I’m nearly certain that they wouldn’t remember a thing about how miserable I was. Is that typical? I don’t know… how does it work in other dysfunctional families?
I saw many of my friends pairing up in girlfriend/boyfriend relationships; oh I had my share of crushes, sure, but I felt that I was helpless to do anything about them because who would want me being fat and ugly as I saw myself? It’s how I had viewed myself most of my life. And there were all the other kids who seemed to have no shortage of friends in general. It seemed like everyone “belonged” somehow… except for me, and a few other kids who I rarely had contact with IN school much less outside of school. I spent the better part of my life just wanting to feel that I “belonged”, that I mattered, that someone cared. I guess I figured that if this was all that life had to offer then maybe I didn’t want to live it.

I know that we don’t typically think of suicidal thoughts as being compassionate or Loving in any way, but it strikes me that to think of it any other way is sort of a misconception – and if in the midst of our lowest moments the only way we can think of to bring peace is to simply cease to be, well isn’t that a kind of self-Love? To Love one’s self at least enough to want to end the suffering even if by extreme measure? I’m nearly certain there will be some who will want to be judgmental here and say that ALL life is sacred and should be treated thusly. I’ve felt that way (or have been “guided” to feel that way) myself most of my life, but isn’t death just as sacred? Until recently anyway death has, at least in this lifetime, always been a part of our life experience here on Earth. So what makes it wrong to want to become a part of the Universal Flow again if life here becomes too painful to carry it forward? Societal conditioning? Religious ideological dogmatic practices which say that suicide is the quickest way to hell…? But they forgot one thing. THIS IS HELL! Or at least it “can” be… it can also be Heaven, if we let it. And after all, isn’t that part of the reason why we are here; to experience the contrast and then put to rest once and for all our (mis)perceptions of our True Nature and how we’ve been led to believe in and just go along with “the way things are”… ?

Well, a Soul Contract is another reason… and that was part of the reason why Michael came to me when he did back then, because we had agreed when I came into this lifetime that my life was to be preserved no matter what, if it should come into danger of ending prematurely. But the other part was because in that moment of considering the unthinkable, I had suddenly turned my focus from what I felt everyone else thought was best for me to what I MYSELF thought was best for me, and even though I was considering what it would be like to just “not be” anymore, still that was more regard than I had ever shown to myself in my entire life… it made the difference. Even on the brink of ending myself, still I was Loving myself, and THAT was something that he (Michael) could work with. It was his signal that it was time for him to come into my life. I didn’t even have a name for him back then, except the one I gave him because of the way he reminded me of a certain character in Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy… I don’t want to rehash too much here of what I’ve already “hashed” out elsewhere, so just suffice it to say that he stayed in my life just long enough to make sure that I would make it through my adolescence and then took his leave of me for the next 20 years. By the time those 20 years had rolled by, I had given up on him ever returning, and in another state of “not wanting to be” I didn’t even know it was he who had come back to save my life yet again – the Unconditional Love that just couldn’t be quashed. Well, I guess that being Unconditional Love is something will never end… Once again I was requisite to turn my life around, and finding a sort of “self-Love” again. He quietly reminded me that I had other options (and he sort of cheated by reminding me also that I had a son who needed his mommy) and consequently helped me to make yet another transition… sadly that state didn’t last long before I was riding the depression roller-coaster again. From that point forward though his hands were basically tied because I had demanded that he leave me and never return, and he had to comply. Even so, he never really left me. He was always with me… he was always the voice of reason in the back of my head that told me “there has to be a better way”.
But what is this Love? This Unconditional Love, and especially in my case, all this back and forth, up and down, all around, push me pull me until it seems as if the world itself will fall to pieces? I look at it now and having watched other “Twin Flame” couples going through it realize that it was nothing less than the trials and tribulations that any relationship of this type, which is built in Unconditional Love goes through. It’s supposed to be that way … we can’t have a perception duality the way we’re supposed to if it isn’t. So yes, I know that in the Higher Dimensions things come into balance and True Love prevails, but that doesn’t mean that what we experience here in the interim ISN’T Unconditional Love in one of the highest manifestations of it – if it weren’t we wouldn’t even have come here to experience it. Unconditional – no matter what – for better or worse… Of course, I had no idea at the time while I was going through it, because as AI now understand it, a big part of the equation was missing; namely my “other half”, even though I couldn’t have been more oblivious of that back then (or that I was even supposed to HAVE an "other half"). I guess at one point I thought I’d found my “other half” in my life partner, Chris, who I still have an amazing relationship with to this day. How was I to know? What in the world IS my point of telling you all of this anyway?

Well, I guess that I’m trying to give an example of how the pursuit of Love of Self is really a life-long process that will take you to some places that don’t seem much like “Love” at all, but again, the very fact that we are here experiencing it is proof that it is, AND Unconditional at that… Though, it’s not like one day you realize you’re missing something and then all of a sudden you wake up and say to yourself, “hey, I don’t Love myself. Great idea! I think I’ll Love myself now!”… no, it doesn’t work that way at all, and of those of us who are going through this journey of self toward SELF I think we understand that it IS a long AND arduous process; not to be taken lightly, but at the same time something that is so Beautifully delicate and needing to be nurtured that the Loveliest flower in your garden cannot hold a candle to it. It IS the life-breath itself from which we are made. Infinite and yet at times, so very fleeting; if we are not vigilant it can seem to blow away on the slightest of breezes (metaphorically speaking of course). Does that make sense? Are you understanding me? That if we spend our lives searching for Love, whether we know we’re searching for it or not, what makes us think we’re going to magically find it at the end of a millennium after all is supposedly said and done? What of our focus on said Love? And what happens when our focus is placed on what we are expecting to be wonderful rather than on what we should know is already AMAZING? We end up pushing the intended outcome away from us indefinitely …
[…to be continued…]

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Return of Moxie – Part II

I mean, hey look at the world! Since year end 2012 our post-apocalyptic opinion is basically one of apathy born of placing too much Faith in all the hoohah rhetoric Spiritual nonsense that people have been buying and selling for decades now; what ever happened to Love? I really thought when I began finalizing my own awakening 4 years ago that Love was where we were headed, and yet since SO MANY people perceived that “nothing” happened when it was “supposed” to they went back to the same kind of mindless behaviors they maintained before they ever began to awaken…  Say what?!

Except that NOW they’ve incorporated a “Spiritual” essence and rationale to explain what they are doing and why they are doing it, and wondering why it is that everything seems to be going to hell in a hand basket around them and they are getting no closer to their goal of “Spiritual Enlightenment” (i.e. state of being commonly referred to as “Ascended”). I’m  not saying that we aren’t still moving forward, because even in “backtracking” you’re still moving forward – and we are (thank Universe SOMEONE’S got the reins!!!!). But still, in retrospect, if we had been aiming ourselves in the intended direction with the “right catalyst” at our backs (Love) would we still be wondering why our horses are halfway down the track and WE’RE still sitting in the starting gate?

I know I’m going to get flack for saying all of this, but I don’t care; this is where the MOXIE comes in. I’ve sat on these feelings long enough…

I include myself in there with those who were disappointed at the end of 2012. I too had hoped that the mien vibration of Earth’s populace would have reached a point for certain “events” to take place. And NOW because they haven’t taken place the way many of us had hoped, we follow the leader (like a bunch of lemmings??) by adopting each other’s rationalization that the REASON it didn’t happen the way we THOUGHT it would, even THOUGH we all FELT/KNEW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that THIS Ascension would be a MASS ASCENSION, is now all of a sudden because it will happen very gradually, on an individual basis, and it will occur at different “times” for each individual who chooses to make the “shift”. Hmmmm … yes, that would be typical for Earth Humans to try and figure out and then apply a “reason” for why it didn’t work the way they thought it was supposed to. I disagree.

I’ll tell you what, THAT is the very way that Ascensions have ALWAYS taken place… individually, one at a time, whenever the “individual” was “ready”. Wasn’t “this time” supposed to be “special” because nothing like this had ever been attempted in the whole history of the Universe before, and now here is Earth, perfectly poised and ready to make HER Ascension; ready and willing to take all who reside on board and resonate with that higher vibration with Her when she goes; special Energies were being beamed directly at us PRECISELY FOR THAT REASON, and now all of a sudden, we go back to the “standard” explanation of how Ascension works – because, evidently, it didn’t. I’m sorry, I don’t buy it! I don’t feel it in my gut, and my “Higher Self” along with all my “Extended Family” members assure me that THIS ISN’T THE CASE!!!

Point of fact is that we almost, but didn’t quite reach that “critical mass”… that fraction-of-one percent over 50 that would have taken us where we wanted to go when we thought we should. Does that mean that we are now doomed to ride out all of eternity (well, at least the next 26,000 years anyway) right here where we are experiencing what we are experiencing and have been experiencing since “time” immemorial?

Not on my watch.

We can still make that mass shift in consciousness if we would just remember and KNOW that we ALREADY HAVE!!

Michael asks me often “Daan, what is important?” and I answer him, almost by rote “Love, Michael. Love is important”… but where is the Love? Even in what I say and the WAY I say it…where is it, really? And viewing current behaviors of people who once seemed to really understand, I can see that they too appear to have forgotten the one most important thing that has been driving this whole thing all along; Love. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. In our fervor to try and explain the unexplainable we’ve once again forgotten about Love. How did that happen? All of the wonderful, bright, exciting Love-filled messages that were coming in over the past 3 years or so prior to December 21, 2012, have been turned into passages of overworked rhetoric, spewed out almost as if by rote, and one wonders, why? I seem to recall at least a couple of sources accounting for the probability that these kinds of messages would make way for communique’s of a more individualized nature – that in light of the awakening of Souls to their True Nature, ALL would eventually be able to communicate with their extended “Family” in such a way, and yet so many have thrown in the towel, even and especially since of the ones who once transcribed these wonderful messages now seem to be repeating the same thing over and over and over… like a “good” attorney or politician, talking a LOT but not really saying much of anything…  and the ones who are fraught to listen to it are wondering “Okay, I’ve heard this before, when are you going to say something new? Or better yet, when are “they” going to start talking directly to ME?” …

Why is this happening? Because we forgot the key ingredient; Love. Where is the Love? And I’m nearly certain there will be those who will argue “But Ariel, there’s PLENTY of Love! It’s everywhere, can’t you see it?” and I would have to answer “Oh yes, certainly. Certainly I can see it, as I am certain you can also. It isn’t how you see it that makes it work though; it’s how you FEEL it! Right now, most people aren’t FEELING it because they’re THINKING about it too much. Love isn’t in your head; it’s in your heart. Words cannot make you feel what can only be experienced in your heart!

So why am I using all these words to tell you about something that you can only experience by feeling it? If you are reading this right now the answer should be obvious to you; it’s because that is where you are at right now and it is the only way to reach you.

And what OF Love? What is Love… where can it be found? I will tell you – first and foremost, within you.

[… to be continued… ]
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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Return of Moxie – Part I

I make no apologies for what you are about to read. Some of you may appreciate it; some of you may not. I’m not really putting it out there for anyone to like or dislike. Rather, this is more of a soliloquy than anything; I say these things for the sake of saying them. If there is someone listening, fine, if not, that is just as well. It doesn’t matter. And you might ask, so why say them at all? Because the content hereinafter may in fact have value to someone going through the same kinds of quandaries in their life; asking the same kinds of questions about the same things that they see transpiring not only in their own life, but also in the world as a whole. My words may just help to shed a light on their path. These are things that I feel I’ve been needing to say for a long time, however, for a long time now I’ve allowed myself to be beaten down by other people’s perceptions and opinions of me; sometimes I was the one doing the beating, having adopted those perceptions as my own. No more! As you can probably tell already, THIS is a “long one”, so I’ve opted to break it up into several “parts” so as not to overwhelm you…

The words, spoken by a now very familiar voice “Be the Lioness you know you are” keep sounding in my heart.

Who better to stand up for me than myself? Well okay, Michael runs a close second, but he IS me and I AM him, in a manner of speaking, so I’m not sure how or if that counts. LOL

What is “moxie” anyway? According to different sources I’ve read, originally “Moxie” was a health tonic of sorts called “Moxie Nerve Food” (yeah, I know, sounds kinda scary doesn’t it?! LOL) It was supposed to increase your “vim and vigor”. Eventually Moxie was marketed (similarly to Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper) as a soft drink – since then the word “moxie” has been adopted as slang to define a person’s level of determination, or nerve. One site I visited describes it as “The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.” Hmmm, I think that’s pretty much the definition I have in mind here.

As you might expect, mine has not been an easy journey – and I know it’s not over with yet, but I’m certain that with a little change in my own attitude and understanding of exactly what it entails and, from my own perspective an unwavering sense of Faith in those facts, that my journey will at the very least re-attain the sense of innocence and wonder that it began with so many years ago.

Let’s just put it this way; I’m well aware that there are, for many folks out there, certain aspects of my journey which seem to be obtrusive and/or unwelcome information. Facts which once stated tend to pull at the very fabric of what some consider, have been conditioned to believe or accept as “their” Truth. I’ve been told that I really shouldn’t expect “everyone” to accept hands down what I bring to the table in terms of my own Truth, and that’s fine. I think that the Universe is big enough to accommodate most purveyances of Truth. Yet, considering the innocence with which I initially did that – no egotism involved (though many since have accused me of just that) - all I wanted to do was to share the Joy I had discovered in finding something which I felt I had been missing all my life ~ True Love – somehow my innocent intentions got interpreted (or perhaps translated as) egotistical or arrogant.  Believe it or not, when I first divulged that bit of information to the world (of who my Twin Flame is, and “worse yet” the Truth about my OWN True Nature), I had no awareness whatsoever of it being not well accepted by everyone, much less any concept of there being anyone else out there who also thought that Archangel Michael was their Twin Flame (or that they would similarly, though much less frequently, identify themselves as Archangel Ariel, incarnate). The fact remains – and this is part of the innocence of my own experience – although True Love was something that I had always felt was missing in my life, I wasn’t looking for it in any way, shape or form, when all of a sudden THERE IT WAS, and I realize now that it had been all along… AND when it showed up, I didn’t even know what “Twin Flame” was…

I’ve really run the gamut of emotions with regards to all the rhetoric since then; since I first made my announcement to the world that Archangel Michael is my Twin Flame. But you know, I got to thinking about it a couple of weeks ago, and I really meant to write about my thoughts then, but something happened ~ someone who I never thought of as the bullying type came along and basically tried to “put me in my place” for making a statement that was intended to spread feelings of Love to everyone that it touched. It’s happened before though usually with radical, militant types who think that we have to “fight for freedom” rather than rising into a higher vibrational state of being by creating an atmosphere of Peace and Joy through Love. I just thought to myself “what am I doing this for?! I can’t even say something about Love in a Loving manner anymore without someone questioning my motives!!” Why is that?  I really just felt like I wanted to give up… like I wanted to say “To hell with you all because THAT’S where you are ANYWAY! And you can just stay there for all I care!!”

I very nearly walked away from it all that day.

[…to be continued…]

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Calling All Angels

On this Heavenly Day I put forth a Heartfelt plea to All Angels – Soul Essences here on Earth and All around wherever you may be, to reach into the Divine Centers of your Sacred Hearts and look in Wonderment at All of Creation with eyes of the children you once were and Are once again. Behold in awe All That Is; your Brothers and Sisters. Reveal with Compassion and Gratitude the Brilliance and Magnanimity of your True BEing in FULLNESS as part of the Universal Truth which you have always been. We are All ready for this ~ the only way we could “not” be ready is by not knowing that we have always been, ready, and in Truth, we’ve always known we ARE ready. We had forgotten, but we’ve RE-MEMBERED now. And so, I AM calling on US ALL to step forward and show OURSELVES as the LIGHT of LOVE that WE ALL ARE … we are made of It. We have made it… WE HAVE MADE IT! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ X11 Love forever, ~Ariel~

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Your Eyes

Your Eyes

[created March 20, 2011]
Your Eyes are my panacea.  When I look into them I get lost in the Love I see there in your soul and everything within me becomes healed and whole.  The brilliant blue of the sky in autumn cannot match their beauty, and looking into them is like looking into an endless Heaven.  I can see eternity all in your eyes and I want to fall in there and keep falling forever more, floating on the Breath of Love.  Such feelings as words cannot begin to describe are elicited when I get lost in your eyes - like an ongoing, never ending ecstasy, and when you look back at me and I know you see everything within me and you get lost in my eyes, the feeling of ecstasy grows and fills my entire being with Light so bright that if my human eyes were to look at it they would be made quite blind. 
© 2011 Ariel DeAngelis ~ all rights reserved