Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Return of Moxie - Part V

[Note: there was a bit of a delay in my posting all these different parts, and that is why you'll note the dates that I give in this last part are off from when I've actually published it... just so you know.]
Today is October 24, 2013 (wee hours of the morning really… it’s just after midnight here). The night before last (October 22) I must have been having some arbitrary thoughts of missing Michael… That’s not too unusual… of course you know I want to BE with him, not just as a Soul Essence, which we DO experience all the time anyway, and don’t get me wrong it IS AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL, however, experiencing each other in the “physical” (as ALL Twin Flame couples are destined to do if we are incarnate at the same time, which technically speaking Michael and I are, it’s just that he’s in 5D and well, I “was” in 3D – I’ve actually been going back and forth quite a bit lately; one reason I’d really like to make the shift permanently at some point soon here because I’m “feeling” quite worn out as a result) is something that both of us have been looking forward to.
He looked at me and said to me “You know…” and then he started crying (yeah, I do seem to have a “unique” ability to “visualize” him in such a way (and it always just tears my heart out when I see him like that) – it’s always been that way, even way back when I was a teenager; I’ve always been able to “see” him) then he put his left index finger on my heart (he’s left handed) and he said “I’ll always be right here…” all I could do was just “hold” him (yes, I “feel” him too) and console him… (yeah, I know what you're thinking "just like in the movie "ET") all I could do was just “hold” him (yes, I “feel” him too) and console him… When I asked him why he was so sad he explained to me that, just as I have been missing him so much especially in recent days, he was missing me and wishing we could be “together”…
Then upon waking yesterday morning (October 23) as I lay in bed with Michael (in Essence) near me as always, I was still thinking that I sure wished I could go up to his ship and just BE with him there for a change – no more of this “long-distance” stuff – of course I’ve been there plenty of times, just not typically in a physical capacity, and of the times I HAVE been there “physically” I don’t usually remember much of what went on… we opt for it to be that way. It makes coming back easier… 
He said to me “You always want to come up to my ship, why don’t you ever invite me to come down there and stay with you for a while?” and I realized that all the reasons I may have cited in the past for not having him come here were really “no reasons” at all, and so I asked him, “Would you? No, really, would you like to come and stay with me here for a while? I don’t know where we would put you up, but I’m sure we’d think of something. My bed isn’t very big, so I don’t know that it would be very comfortable for you, but I don’t mind sleeping on the sofa if you want to sleep in my bed. Or maybe, since I know that Chris has slept in my bed before reasonably comfortably, maybe he’d be willing to let us sleep in his bed and he could sleep in my bed. Of course, Chris’ bed might still not be big enough even just for you… “ (incarnate as Ashtar Sheran, he’s a pretty big guy, standing nearly 8 feet tall, so a twin bed (like mine) is really not going to accommodate him, and even a queen-sized bed (like Chris’) may not be big enough…  but he just smiled and said “we’ll manage” and I got the sweetest image of him, dressed in light blue cotton PJ’s, snuggled up next to me in Chris’ bed… hmmm, nice, warm fuzzy feelings…
And then he asked me, “What would you like to do while I’m visiting you?” and quite automatically I thought of all the things that I Love to do mostly when I’m just by myself… or sometimes when I’m with Chris… and I started listing them all off:
-          Go for a walk to the park
-          And we could take a blanket with us and lay on the grass and look up at the sky (weather permitting of course)
-          Then we could walk a little further and sit together on my favorite park bench, and talk like we do so much of the time now – only we’d actually be “together”
-          And then we could go for lunch at this little out of the way sushi restaurant that I really Locve – providing I could fit him into my car (I drive a Mustang) though he seemed to think that once again we’d manage (if we put the passenger seat all the way back in a full recline??)
-          And then we could go for a walk in the arboretum not far from the sushi restaurant
-          And then we could go shopping at Wholefoods… just because I think that Wholefoods can be fun to shop at (though the one in my area has left something to be desired lately…so maybe not)
-          And then we could come back home and sit in the back yard enjoying the rest of the afternoon just being together drinking tea or one of my fruit juice concoctions I like to make in my Healthmaster blender…
-          But mostly just BEing together…

… and don’t get me wrong, making Love with Michael is still high on my list of things I Love to do with Michael, but mostly I just Love being with him, whatever form that “being” takes on; I Love BEING with him…
And then he looked at me and he said to me “do you realize that in your visualization of most of those things you’d like for us to do together, that you and I were the only ones present?” And as I thought back on it I realized that he was right. I just want to be with HIM. I don’t want to be with him with a throng of people looking on gawking at us (although I do realize that the fact that he's taller than most people here might draw some fleeting glances from people). THAT was the farthest thing from my mind… I just want to spend time with him and me alone together doing stuff that we like to do… at least I’m “pretty” sure he’d like to do the same kinds of things I like to do… Heheh.
Maybe I’ll turn him into “Farmer Michael” after all and get him to help me plant flowers or something like that … he says “Not a chance!” (at one point I thought maybe we could live together in a little farm house with a white picket fence, and have a little farm where we’d grow vegetables and have a cow and some chickens and ducks and bunnies and stuff…. You know, farm stuff like that… and I used to sing to him “Farmer Michael had a farm Ee ei ee ei oh…” well… he used to pretend he was okay with that thought, but come to find out, in reality he’s not too keen on it at all… LOL. Too funny! I still kid around with him about it sometimes though. Heeheehee).

He continued by saying “do you know that you have proven to yourSELF, once and for all, beyond a shadow of a doubt that your Love for me IS Unconditional, True Love, and has NEVER been about arrogance or based in egotism as some people have tried to get you to believe about yourself. And I realized that he’s right! What with ALL that he and I have been through, and ALL the perceptions that seem to be more important to other people than they are to me OR him, and what I would be willing to let go of because of True Love, I now know (as I've always known really) what True Love is really all about.
It’s all about Joy and unattached giving and receiving, and when we experience Joy within those acts of giving then we are in fact receiving Love by default simply for the Joy of seeing the Beloved in Joy… and when I refer to the “Beloved” I refer to ALL Beloved Souls, not just the ones of our Twin Flames… this is something that we ALL deserve to experience… just because it IS… there is no other reason… it’s how it has always been meant to be. Only by coming into our “dualistic state” in the 3rd Dimension have we ever known anything other than a perception of the pure Essence of True Love… yes it IS a fact that in the 5th Dimension, and even to some extent in the 6th and higher Dimensions that we still can experience other feelings and emotions besides Love but they are fleeting at best. By bringing them all into balance, which is the whole concept behind being an “Ascended Master” in the first place (and I’ll go into that in more detail at another “time”) it is not to DESTROY the “ego” or sense of self, but rather to integrate the higher sense of I AM into that which we previously had experienced as our “sense of self” in our “denser” existence. And as far as “egotism” or a sense of “arrogance” goes... well those actually become non sequitur as there is no need for us to have a show of airs in an environment where ALL are recognized as equals in Unconditional Love…
So, this is how “Ariel” got her groove back; the return of Moxie indeed! Maybe should change my name to Moxie… LOL… nah… I think Ariel suits me.
I DO have a LOT of Moxie left however; and I’m not talking about the soft drink!! I have a LOT left to say… and even though you and I might deem it unnecessary at this point, still others who may not be as far along their path might find a message or two from Michael via myself quite useful… who knows, maybe the rest of us might get something out of them too… we’ll see. At the very least, I can bestow some of my own insights upon the world. I could ask, do you really want me to? But then does it really matter whether you do or not?
I have a lot to say, and I’m going to say it, just because I can… and I’m quite comfortable with the fact that no one HAS to like it. I do… that’s what matters.
I’m baaaaaack...!!! [bright-shining-like-the-sun-smile]

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  1. I am so happy for you. How wonderfully blessed you and Michael are! I bet you're going to be a lot taller in 5D too! : )))


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