Monday, March 31, 2014

Remember Who You Are II

 Remember? When you were a child?

When you had no worries and your only concern was to run and play and laugh and have fun in the sunshine all day long? And your mother would call you in for supper you wished you could stay out running and playing and laughing and having fun on into the wee hours of that Starry Night?

Well now is your chance!!

Be a kid again! Stay out ALL day and ALL night in total abandonment of any “grown-up” concerns you might have had ~ let them ALL go in favor of doing what YOU want to do for a change! Run and play and laugh and have fun until the cows come home ~ and then do it some more! Bring the Joy and Happiness of being a child at play back into your life and don’t ever let it go again~

The “Future” is NOW; your Destiny is Made Manifest! Remember Who You Are, Oh Child of the Universe!

Now, make it so!
 Please feel free to share!!

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