Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Unconditional Love and Our Star Family Reunion

On April 2 of this year (2014) I published my latest message regarding the subject of our reuniting with our Family from the Stars – “Remember Who You Are IV: Arrival" (also subtitled in some instances “World Contact with Our Family from the Stars”). I spoke specifically of the moment when a “Love Wave” sufficient to awaken every person on Planet Earth to the Truth of who and what we are and where we come from, would occur as those who are currently most awakened among us would be the first to view the massive assembly of ships of our Star Families in the skies. It appears that somehow this has been translated in some cases to mean that there are some among us who are more “privileged” than the rest.

Allow me to be very clear about this: there is NOT ONE of us here on this planet, or anywhere else for that matter, who is more privileged than the rest with regard to who will be first in line to witness this event unfold. In fact, at this very moment, those who are destined to witness it have no idea whatsoever that they will be among the first to do so. This rising back up into Love is in fact a Birth Right of ALL of us! Not just here on Earth, but everywhere!

So what exactly does it mean - what IS the meaning of being aware, existing within an “awakened” or “enlightened” state, and how exactly does one achieve it? The answers might surprise you; and although I can’t answer to that in full because some parts of the journey are yours and yours alone to walk and decide which way to go, I can tell you that it can be as simple or as difficult as you choose to make it for yourself.

Simply put, being “awakened” or within a state of “enlightenment” is remembering that each and every ONE of us are the same bright, Beautiful, Divine Light on the inside, and from there it should not be difficult to accept every ONE into our hearts in Unconditional Love; the state of being in which we did reside “before” we decided we wanted to experience duality, or “separation” from ONE another and Love. This is the process of forgetting we went through as we were born into these, our current lives (and also “previous” lives we have experienced here on Earth and other parts of the 3rd Dimension), to get to where we are in “remembering” who and what we are and where we came from – which is pure Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love – to accept ALL as being in a state of perfection; to welcome ALL who are and ALL That IS into our hearts, unanimously, uniformly, with no prejudices.

Some Blessed Souls among us are fortunate (or wise upon coming here?) to never have forgotten what Unconditional Love is, existing so deeply within this state of being that to them is so natural, it might never occur to them that it could be any other way for someone else. They don’t knowingly attempt to teach this way of being to others, but simply by Being Love teach by way of example of their own life path.

So what is there to learn? Others among us have walked a long and arduous path to get to where they are in their current state of “remembering” Unconditional Love, but feeling it no more or less than those for whom it has always been “the way” – And even these” awakened” individuals will not attempt to direct others on “how to get there”, fully well knowing from experience that each Soul must walk their own path on their return to remembering Unconditional Love. They may recognize the value of being on hand for others, to assist them and answer questions as they arise, but they are keenly aware that no one can walk another’s path for them.

How do you know when you have met one of these “awakened” individuals? By the way they accept you with open heart and warm embrace into their experience without ever knowing a thing about you beforehand other than you are Love! And this too is how WE can know when WE are “awakened” or at least well on our path toward reawakening and remembering Unconditional Love.

Pick a Soul, any Soul and ask yourself if you would invite that person, without prejudice of any kind, to your Celebration of Love. You would? That’s excellent!! Now, invite every Soul in existence – and most especially those who reside here on Planet Earth – to your Celebration of Love… If you find that you still have feelings of separation for “certain individuals” in that you would not want to invite them to your “party”, you may wish to take a few moments to reassess your own understanding of what it means to be “awakened” and “aware” and in a state of being where you are fully remembering and employing True Unconditional Love. It can be that simple – or that difficult. The choice is yours.

Unconditional Love; this is the state of being within which our Star Family members exist. They hold no prejudices against any of us. They don’t judge ANY of us for “what we have done” while we have experienced our lives on Earth and other “places” within the 3rd Dimension. They Love us ALL the same and they know that we are ALL destined to return to Love. They also know that upon reaching that “higher vibration” where remembering and understanding of Unconditional Love as being our True and Natural state, ALL is then known to us, even and most especially how we discern the vibrational state of ALL we come across. Quite simply put we FEEL with our hearts how it is. There is no need to worry that something (let’s say “ships” for instance) of “lower vibrational” nature will ever be mistaken for something of a “higher vibrational” nature because at that level of Being, ALL exists within the state of Unconditional Love.

So do you understand now, that if you are resonating at the same state of Unconditional Love as our Star Family members to the point where you are “SEEING” them en masse, that you will automatically also understand that there has never been a “separation” of Souls; there never was anything to fear? Everything has ALWAYS been Love and it is that remembering of Unconditional Love which is the great wave and expansion of Love within our hearts – from one to the next to the next to the next and so on – that is what I speak of which makes it possible for us to “SEE” our Star Family members and everything within their experience becomes OUR experience also.

It’s not something that only a privileged few will get to experience; we ALL get to experience it! Yes, some will experience it before the rest, but they are only catalysts. Have you ever watched the progression of an avalanche from start to finish? It will be like that. By the time all is said and done it will seem, in fact, as if ALL were revealed to EVERY Soul on Earth quite simultaneously!!

We need to listen with, and listen to our hearts! Our hearts will KNOW the exact moment ~ we FEEL it there. It’s not something that we can summon just by wishing that it were. If you want to go looking for it, look for it inside your heart first. The sooner we remember and accept Unconditional Love as our way of being, the sooner we recognize that glorious moment as having arrived!

We ARE ONE, The ONE Great Singularity! We will continue knowing One another through Unconditional Love within the infinite vastness of the Multiverse! We Love US ALL!

Monday, May 19, 2014

OH MOTHERSHIP!! Did the Sun Just Blink?

I wanted to take a few moments this evening to tell you all about an experience that I and my life partner experienced this morning (May 18, 2014) at between about 11:15 and 11:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time (USA). I posted an account of the experience on Facebook earlier today and shared it to a number of groups I have membership in… it was subsequently shared by several others along with comments that some made about experiencing something similar… so I’m wondering about others out there who were particularly aware of their surroundings today; was the a point at which it seemed to YOU like the sun winked out for a fraction of a second… almost as is something VERY large appeared in front of it for just a moment and then disappeared again?

Below I’ve included accounts of the details of our own experience and my conjectures about what it might have been… I’m interested to see/hear what you have to say. BTW – we experienced a portal opening between “Earth Solar System” and Pleiades proper yesterday morning (EDT) also which I greatly feel is somehow connected to the phenomenon which occurred today…


OH MOTHERSHIP!! Did the Sun Just Blink?
05/18/2014 11:28 EDT

WOW! The most interesting thing just happened a couple minutes ago:

Chris and I were sitting in the living room having a nice conversation; the sunshine was streaming in through the window. We were waiting for his load of laundry to finish so we could go run some errands later, when all of a sudden for just a split second, it was almost like the sun went out, or like something REALLY BIG went between us and it. And hardly any clouds in the sky!!! Chris thought at first that it might be the washing machine drawing on the house current making the lights dim (like our old washer used to) but then we both realized – WE DIDN’T HAVE ANY LIGHTS TURNED ON IN THAT PART OF THE HOUSE!!! We considered that perhaps it might have been a large vehicle going by on the road outside, but both corroborated that there hadn’t been any traffic like that going by at the time.

Could it have been a very large ship coming into form for just a split second – just long enough for it to make itself apparent to us…? I’ve been feeling the exhilaration of the raised vibrations all morning. It’s just been absolutely Lovely here today and feeling the growing excitement within the ranks of our Star Families earlier this morning… after the Energy influx yesterday, I’d say we are definitely on the upswing and this is one bit of validation which will lead to the next and the next and the next, until totally undeniable to all involved exactly what we are to expect from now on!!

OH HAPPY DAYS!!! :D ^_^ ^_^ <3 <3 <3

Thursday, May 8, 2014

James Gilliland ~ Beyond the Mask of Disclosure ~, May 2014

Today I want to share with you an article by James Gilliland of ECETI Ranch that I came across today... It's an amazing MUST READ for all of us who are trying really hard to get the message out there of the TRUTH about our Galactic Family and why it is that so many have had difficulty awakening to this Truth... and why "worldwide contact" with our them seems so "far away"...  [please share widely - thanks!!]:

James Gilliland ~ Beyond the Mask of Disclosure, May 7, 2014

Do you ever wonder why we have not yet had disclosure? Have you ever wondered why contact has always been in the past or scheduled for some far off date in the future? Have you ever investigated the private lives of those in the new age and ufology movements when off the podium? How they treat those closest to them, the character of who they rub elbows with? Those who push transhumanism and population control give us a clear hint of their agendas. Have you ever investigated and taken a serious look at the past military and other intelligence connections of those you depend on for your information? Do you understand what planned opposition is and how it keeps a lid on the truth steering it off into the abyss? Do you know why the negative fear-based information has priority when it comes to air time? If you knew the answers to these questions you would realize why disclosure has not happened and why you have not heard about ongoing contact with spiritually and technologically advanced off world civilizations.

CONTACT IS HAPPENING NOW. It has been going on for thousands of years for those who rose to the occasion. Most of these contacts with spiritually and technologically advanced beings have been censored, marginalized, shoved far into the back row and if you knew who was doing this, they have good reason. Reason this, how do you tell the public you are completely defenseless against these off worlders which are far superior in technology and come and go as they wish? Luckily the benevolents are nonaggressive. These benevolent beings have transcended war, disease, and material lack. What would that do to the war industry, big pharma? They have no elite and are not enslaved through money, they don’t even have a monetary system. There is no manufactured lack in their civilization, no poverty, no homeless, they live a utopian lifestyle. These spiritually and technologically evolved being live according to Universal Law. Simply speaking the principles and understandings necessary for a healthy society and environment. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. This includes honoring the sacred circle of life, the Creator within all Creation.

What would peace do to the war industry? What would the cure for disease do to the pharmaceutical companies? Where would the elite fit into unity consciousness? How would tyranny continue to function in an awakened empowered society? Now do you understand why there is such a momentous effort to censor and suppress real contact? Now do you understand why the mainstream media will not cover sightings or real contact, belittles and embarrasses contactees? Do you understand why ufology is riddled with agents and planned opposition, people who act as if they are fighting for the truth, yet are the very censors of it? Continuously asking a government with a long history of lying and coverup knee deep in contact with regenerate ETs to all of a sudden tell us the truth is like getting a jackal to stop eating meat.

The real question is why do we need the jackal to believe in the obvious? Let it whine and bark all it wants; ignore it, and do your own research. The real disclosure is coming from the skies, it is coming through those with open minds, loving hearts and pure intent. These are the prerequisites for contact. Has any of your leadership met that criteria? Then why would we expect them to have any experience or knowledge of contact? They would only have knowledge and contact with those of like mind. Why are we demanding they tell us the truth when they have so little of it? Yes, there were crash retrievals; yes, we have been back-engineering ships and now have our own space fleet. Yes, we can go to the Moon and back and forth to Mars, and it is not on expensive firecrackers, space shuttles, which are dinosaurs compared to the black projects.

What of the advanced cultures who have transcended war, disease, poverty — have their energy and transportation needs met fuel-lessly? If this is all an option why are we not taking it? Where is the leadership that is working on behalf of humanity and the Earth? Who has kept the masses ignorant as to their divine heritage, their ancestors in the stars? Who has allowed the war, disease, poverty, pain and suffering to continue benefiting from it when the solutions are at hand? The leadership on Earth be it religious, government, or business has failed miserably to serve humanity and has been an extreme disservice to Earth. The wars, diseases, poverty, homelessness, pollution, the depleted uranium, Gulf Oil spills, radiation from Fukushima, chemtrails, the contaminated food supply with GMOs and carcinogenic chemicals, the flouride in your water along with 600 to over 800 carcinogens in most city waters are all testimony to a failed leadership. Especially when it comes to serving the people and preserving the environment.

Let’s end the denial on contact. Let’s end the denial concerning clean fuel-less energy. Lets end the denial concerning alternative healing and the benefits of clean organic food and water. Most important lets end the denial that most governments and agencies actually do what they were created to do: serve the people — and instead serve another master, the corporations and the elite. It is time to see things clearly, know who you serve, and which side of the fence you are on. If you want contact meet the criteria, rise to the occasion. If you want to see a ship start looking for them. They are all over your night skies — day skies, too. Know the difference between visible satellites, space stations and other man made craft. Go to or Jtracker. They will tell you what is visible, what is ours in your night sky. Don’t forget some of those UFOs; unidentified flying objects are ours, but what did we back engineer them from?

Your ancestors are returning, they are not happy with the condition of the planet and this civilization. They are removing the regenerate ETs. The tyrants will also feel their presence. The world of tyranny is collapsing. It is being done in unseen ways through consciousness and energy along with the grids. The old grid is falling apart; let it fall. Focus on a new world, a new grid, a world aligned with Universal Law and Unity Consciousness. Act on it. ETs help those who help themselves. Forget about the main stream media, your politicians, even your scientists who only believe in the programming they received, which is nothing more than recycled ignorance. Look at where most of your brilliant minds end up. They either work for the controllers or are done away with.

Much of the alternative media is also tainted. Do your own research, learn to lead yourselves from your own heart and soul. We know in our heart of hearts what is right, what is service to humanity and the Earth. We also know what is disservice and being on the wrong side of the fence in the days to come will have dire consequences. As far as the UFO community, it needs a major overhaul. So does the new age community, much of which was created by PSY-OPs — another article in itself.

Take back the God within, stop looking outside of yourself and giving your power away to those who truly do not deserve it. Research, research, research, educate yourself. The awakening is here for those who choose, and we do not have the luxury of remaining ignorant, dependent, or asleep in the days to come.

Be well,
James Gilliland