Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lightship sightings on the rise!! :-D So much fun last night!! Yippee!! :-D ♥♥♥

Wow, well it was such an exciting night last night!! I coaxed Chris out into the yard just after sundown last night to take a look at the gardenia that is just starting to open - easily visible in the light from the back porch light. While we were out there I wanted to look at the stars, being that it was a particularly clear night last night (June 27, 2014). So I turned the porch light out, and Chris stayed out with me to look up at the night sky. LOTS of 'stars' out last night, and the longer we stayed out, the darker it got, the more we could see. Of course, you know I'M always hoping I'll see a little more than just stars and planets up there, sometimes I do. Last night was no exception!! Our Brothers and Sisters of the stars were in an especially celebratory mood last night it seems!! I decided to try an experiment, and put myself in that state of being just before sleep (I think some people call it "Theta"???) where we can experience our most lucid moments of "otherworldly" encounters with all kinds of phenomena that we wouldn't normally detect in a more "wakeful" (I use that term loosely) state. So, there I was, laying fully reclined in my chaise lounge; Chris was sitting on the steps to the back porch. I was REALLY relaxed and feeling that bliss that one feels right before they fall asleep, but I made sure to keep my eyes open and look around, and before 5 minutes had passed, just above the WNW horizon, very close to a star that had been visible for some time now, a Lightship "powered on" briefly (for about a second or 2) became brighter than the star that it had appeared next to, and then faded as gently as it had powered on... and did not return (like commercial jets usually do with their blinking lights). I said to Chris "WOW!! I think I've just been waived hello to!!" he said "I didn't see anyone waiving hello..." trying to sound facetious... LOL well, they DID eventually wave "Hello" to him too... I went into the house, after I saw two more little camera-flash type flashes (that I know weren't fireflies because they were bright white, not green), and told him to relax like I had, and just let them come to him... and they did. When I came back outside a few minutes later he told me that a really bright steady (not blinking) amber-white light flew right over him in a straight path from West to East. Then while we stayed out there for another few minutes two more flew over, not as bright but still clearly visible... one SW to NE, and another S to N... Chris was the one who spied both of those first also... and while he was seeing those and pointing them out to me, I also caught 3 more camera-flash type flashes in the general part of the sky I was looking in! WOW I think that's a record for both of us... I think it was the summer of 2010 we were up in PA at Chris' parents' house and we sat out in the their yard and counted 7 that went over (as well as 3 or 4 military jets.... ppppffffft!) ...
Tonight (June 28th, 2014) we went out again between 9:30 and 10:30 PM EDT and saw a total of 10 between the two of us, and one even powered on for us when I asked it to ~ shone brighter than any of the stars around it... the last one we saw was actually sitting there stationary in the sky, looking for all the world like a star itself until it started moving... and when I pointed it out to Chris and he saw it moving slowly across the sky, after about 3 seconds it faded out completely! Hahaha... yeah, they like to mess with us sometimes too! LOL
So, I'm feeling it! I'm really feeling it... we here on Earth aren't the only ones ready to get this show on the road so we can really let the party begin!! Wooohooo! Yippeee!! Wheeeeeeeeee!!! 

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