Friday, January 9, 2015

A "Star"? A "Ship"? Or A "Starship"? Which Is It?

 Here's something that might peak some of your interests: I've been fascinated by this rainbow-ish "star" (ship?) that's been appearing on my Western horizon in the early evening for about the last two weeks now. Dec. 30 (2014) I pointed my camera out my window, just like I'd done a few other times over the last month or two as this thing changes positions in the sky (in November it was setting in the NW now it sets just about due West) and zoomed in on it as far as I could and took these photos of it - this was at about 5:20 PM EST on the evening of December, 30 2014~ This is what I got... there's something there, in the middle, I'd never seen before... the second one and the last one I cropped and blew them up so you can see more detail of the center ... the middle one is not as pronounced though still something there... what do you think it could be? Something more than just a "star" perhaps (a ship? ... that is what I'd always surmised, but this seemed to suggest that my inkling has been correct?)... [please feel free to share if you would like to!] 

Here's one of the same phenomenon I took on November 29th, 2014 just as it was dipping below the NW horizon... there were trees in the way, that's why it's kind of a funny shape... 

... and again on December 25th, 2014 as it was dipping below the due West horizon - it was going behind trees here too...  (note: both these last two I cropped, enlarged and enhanced the "blacks" to show more of the "star" form)... 

Interesting, huh?!

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