Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Special Message for All Earth Humanity

 [Originally posted on Facebook on Monday, May 11, 2015]

Yesterday was Mothers' Day, and I spent most of the day out in my garden doing something I really Love to do - planting flowers!

I stopped at one point to take a break, sit on the front steps and have a drink of water. While I was sitting there, I felt something brush against my leg, and when I looked down I saw this purple balloon that had blown in and landed right between my feet. And I thought, wow, well now there must be a message HERE somehow... I turned the balloon over and found an advertisement from a local church, and the message firmly planted in my thoughts at that point that there was a message I was to convey to them. It's really a message for everyone, but the contact form on their website was where it was too started.

I thought, how appropriate to create a "photo" message on a pic of the very balloon that landed between my feet yesterday. The message I am to convey reads:

"Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have been asked to bring you this message of Love and tidings of great Joy for all Earth Humanity to share.

Keep your eyes to the skies, and your hearts and minds wide open and filled with Love, for everything you know is about to change beyond your wildest imaginings. Flow with the Universe and the Universe will flow within you.

Please share this message Universally, freely and widely as you see fit.

Thank you. ♥"

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