Friday, September 18, 2015

NEW POST for September 2015 ~ on "WAKING UP 2015"

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by Ariel DeAngelis

"Have you, like me, been feeling lately like you’re walking through a dream; feeling truly disconnected from your body? Have you felt like you’re in two places at once? Have you had “dreams” while you sleep at night that seem more real to you and which you feel more “at home” in than you do your “waking moments”? Have you, also like me, felt most of your life, practically since the day you were “born” that you don’t belong here, that you are from, and belong, somewhere entirely different than where you currently find yourself?

This is why -

It’s a fact: we’ve been asleep [in stasis] for a long “time”. Some might refer to it as “suspended animation”. And this world which we currently experience, though modeled originally from an actual planet, is only an illusion; a massive collective conscious dream designed and implemented to keep our cognitive synapses healthy and functioning normally until such time as we come out of stasis and resume our lives as they were before we went into stasis..."

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Real Or Dream?

I don't often do this (post articles by other people on my blog) ... and I know it's been a loooong time since I posted anything at all here. But this is just too ON TARGET not to post ~ yes, this is where we've been all along and we just hadn't known it. Now people are waking up to a new concept of what is "real" and what is "not real".

Is [our perception of] this life REAL, or is it a DREAM? ... here is a wonderful article by our friend Liriciel Noelle ~ thoughts and ideas in her own words of what our combined experience here is all about. This article was originally posted by Liriciel on Facebook. Enjoy the read, and if you feel so inclined please share it with your own friends and family and Loved ones...  Thanks!!


by Liriciel Noelle
Yes! We have more than likely all heard that we are living in an illusion. Yes! We have heard or read that this is not real but a classroom, a playground in which we learn lessons, experience low dimensional life as well as heavy carbon-based physicalities. Yes, possibly most of us have at one time or another felt that we go from one belief to another, being told that this was a lie, it was all misinterpreted, we had been duped all along but that NOW we finally got it. We are on track (whichever track that might be) to the truth.

Perhaps what we all must do, however, is ask ourselves: "Are we really interested in knowing TRUTH, whatever it is and however it might be affecting each of us, or are we tired of changing directions because someone has just possibly misinterpreted, misunderstood, allowed their own ego to prevail in writings or videos that continue to surf the internet?" This might be sounding a bit harsh, but like many others I have lived this and have found myself beyond frustrated.

I wonder how many have taken what we've read or seen or heard as 'absolute' without questioning? I wonder how many have been slowly coming into ourselves, having had the questions in the front of our minds but just didn't know how to ask? I wonder how many, hearing the Truth, would recognize it, would intuitively feel it's value, would know IT consciously beyond a doubt?

So many labels pass through our vocabulary during our lifetimes that alone the labels create frustration. I remember an attorney once said to me, as I was being prompted as a witness in a court case many years ago: " Keep it simple, stupid!" He explained that complicated, too-many-details in answers to questions could muddy the waters, to give the simplest answers as if speaking to a young child. What if the answer to the proverbial question of all times ("what is the truth about who we are and why we are here - what are we doing?") were just as simple as that?

What if the whole scenario of "what we're doing here" is as simple as sleeping and waking? What if we were to think about a program (a computerized download for lack of a better term) had literally created this realm -- for many eons -- that literally created within itself a "holographic" Earth, a "holographic" time frame, that also began re-programming itself. -- Don't forget everything IS...everything and everyone IS the same energetic "stuff" of which we are all made. It/We just change energetic structures from a Bumble Bee to a high rise building, for example.-- What if we could suddenly begin receiving glimpses of a lot of people on an orb called a holographic planet, living their daily lives, having been fed totally false information about "Earth", about their history, and suddenly it all started coming together like a huge puzzle with millions of pieces? The thoughts would be gigantic, monumental, but simple.

If all I have to do is take my attention away from questioning anything anymore, to stop wondering and worrying about how, when, where this all ends or continues or ... and simply know that THIS IS NOT REAL - IT WAS NEVER REAL - AND ALL I HAVE TO DO IS TO WAKE UP OUT OF THIS DREAMSTATE, then just perhaps I would be starting the closing down of this "Matrix", this "False reality", this "Dream". 

So, as I am contemplating if and how this could happen, my mind goes to all of those/you/us who also have these thoughts and decide to be a part of bringing down this Fake-ness. If each begins to purposefully NOT take this daily life and happenings personally, what is left to nourish this 'download program' as to its control? I venture to say 'nothing'. The sooner, the better? I venture to say YES!

How utterly amazing would it then be to literally wake up "somewhere": feeling, hearing, seeing, touching, tasting but then knowing that WE ARE where we are supposed to be -- finally -- our Higher Reality, realizing the veil has been lifted and amnesia is no longer our clouded memories, for the program will have shut down, the illusion will be over, and each of us will be in our Higher State of Consciousness. Oh, my!

"As I have gone out on that limb", I will leave IT to your own thought processes with much LOVE and many Blessings. We - ARE - all - ONE!

Liriciel Noelle

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